Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Protect Your Family For Under $50 With The UV Survival Kit

POMPANO BEACH, FL – As the holiday season approaches, many companies are testing their creativity as to how they can show appreciation for their clients.

This comes at a time when businesses are continually struggling to connect with these clients in meaningful ways. Casual lunches, meeting for coffee, and a round of golf have become difficult due to the pandemic. And some of the more traditional holiday gifts may not fit the bill. While calendars, bottles of wine, pens, and gift certificates to restaurants are acceptable during Christmas and Hanukah seasons, they may not be this year.

Paton Marketing ( , a south-Florida based digital marketing company, recently sent the UV Survival Kit (   to more than 50 clients nationwide to simply let them know it is concerned about them during difficult times.

“We started thinking of how to reach out to clients and reflected on other difficult times,” said Todd Paton, president and founder. “Some companies have sent clients flash lights, for example, as hurricane season started here in Florida. We also saw companies up north sending gifts that would help people out in a snow storm. They included windshield ice scrapers, small shovels, and flashing lights to help in the event of a break down on the road.”

Paton added that this outreach is particularly important since contact with clients today is limited to ZOOM meetings, phone calls, emails, and texts. His firm’s challenge was to find a product that was personal and functional during the pandemic.

With that concept in mind, Paton Marketing created the UV Survival Kit which keeps all of the essential COVID protective gear in one, attractive premium bag.

It includes:

·         3 Layer Non-Woven Protective Face Mask

·         5 Layer Anti-Dust, Anti-Pollution, Easily Breathable Protective Mask

·         Hand Sanitizer, Alcohol Wipes and UV Light Wand 


“This kit basically has everything people need to protect themselves from the COVID virus,” added Paton. “Like a tool box, it keeps all of these items in one place. But most important is that it showed our clients that we care about them and are sending a gift of real value that benefits them and their families.

“The response has been excellent and has cemented already solid relationships.”

Paton stresses that companies can’t necessarily do what has been done in the past in terms of holiday gifts.

“These are trying times so it’s important to really give thought to this effort,” he said. “People are struggling, so it’s important to help them out, show you care, and provide something of value today.”

The 411:

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was to receive this kit. As a preschool teacher I have been doing everything I can to protect myself and my family. My school takes every precaution to ensure the students and teachers are health screened everyday and we all have our temps taken, wash, glove up and mask daily but that doesn't mean I am not nervous about one of my toddlers sneezing or coughing on me and passing something or me passing something to them. 

My hands are the driest they have ever been with gloves and washing at least 50 times a day as well as using antibacterial when I feel like I can't get to a sink quick enough but trying to run a 2-3 year old toddler class with a mask and 9-10 toddlers is very difficult. I run out of air and end up with the biggest headache 3 hours in. Try singing a song while calling back toddlers who forgot we were in the middle of circle time. I am excited to try the KN95 masks tomorrow and used the UV Light Wand on my bag, phone and lunchbox. Tomorrow I am bringing it to work and using it on my desk and CD player. 

This kit is definitely a must for everyone and you cannot go wrong with the price. 

To Order visit UV Survival.

 NOTE: UV lighting can be dangerous if you look at the light or apply it to your skin. Please be careful when using and make sure you read up on the pros and cons of using UV Light.  

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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