Monday, October 26, 2020


This Halloween is going to be a little different than in years past. Gone — for the time being — are traditional Halloween parties, neighborhood trick-or-treating, or scaring ourselves silly on haunted carnival rides. 

Instead, we’re socially distancing and living our lives via video call (some things are still terrifying). But that doesn’t mean Halloween has been just needs some creativity and some sweet treats! 

See’s Candies has compiled some spooky and fun, COVID-conscious Halloween ideas that you can implement this year with little or no prep. Take a look at our tips and tricks for a fun and safe Halloween.

The Curse of Blackbeard’s Treasure 
Avast, ye mateys it’s Halloween again which means it’s the perfect time for a spooky, Halloween-themed treasure hunt. Hide caches of your favorite See’s Candies around the house, the yard, or the neighborhood and provide clues for finding the next box of loot. The clues can be fun puzzles, word-games, limericks (G-rated of course, this ain’t Tortuga). Or create your own fun way of keeping the action moving. If you have little kids, create an authentic-looking treasure map for a swashbuckling time! 

Halloween is the start of the great home decorating season where neighbors try to outdo each other and have the spookiest house on the block. Since trick-or-treating may not be an option in your area, you can still participate in the monster fun by checking out the haunted houses nearby from the safety of the family car. Create a set of BINGO cards consisting of all the outrageous, slightly terrifying, but always hilarious decorations to be found around the neighborhood or around town. Some of our favorites include pumpkins, scarecrows, witches, spiderwebs, graveyards and ghosts! Next, hop in the car and do a tour of the neighborhood to try and find items on your card. Extra points if you honk the horn at the first BINGO! 

The Last Zoom Window on the Left 

We’ve all had the same nightmare: it’s Tuesday (no, not that), you’re on a zoom call with the boss giving the big presentation and realize through your own camera that your kids have gotten into the finger paints, your husband has somehow burned a turkey sandwich, and the dog took a mud bath and is drying herself off...on the carpet! Oh, whew. Just a dream. Why not make video calls a different kind of nightmare fuel with the most epic scary story competition ever, but do it over a video call? Have everyone turn out the lights and illuminate their faces solely with flashlights to set the mood. Everyone takes turns telling their best, or favorite, ghost story in the hopes of providing a little wholesome fright for each other in a totally safe way. A benefit of this game is that you can sneak more See’s Candies when the lights are off! Extra points: for an original scary story. 

Give a “Boo Bag” to Your Boo Crew 

Halloween has always been a holiday best shared with your pals, so this year, why not spread a little spooky cheer throughout the neighborhood by anonymously dropping off “Boo Bags” to your entire Boo Crew. See’s has you covered here with their fully decorated bags of sweet treats. Have the kids decorate some of See’s free downloadable coloring pages and slip it inside the bag for a handmade touch. This can be a fun, simple activity for kids to do during those cool autumn evenings and it will add a little fun for whomever you deliver it to as they try to guess who is their secret Halloween benefactor. And who doesn’t love a little surprise chocolate? 


Sure, trick-or-treating house to house may be out of the question this year but no one ever said you couldn’t trick or treat car to car. It’s called Trunk-or-Treating and it predates COVID but happens to still be a terrific alternative. Simply have all those participating park their cars trunk side out with their Halloween candy baskets safely stowed in the trunk. Small Quaran-Teams can still have the feeling of trick-or-treating without knocking on the door and interacting with any monsters, oops I mean neighbors. 

With a little creativity, an open mind, and plenty of See’s Candies, Halloween 2020 can go down in history as your most spookifying October 31st.  Head on over to to download the whole See's Halloween kit

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