Tuesday, September 15, 2020

A Quick Checklist for Moving



Although it’s an opportunity for new beginnings, the amount of work that goes into moving can be overwhelming. If you’re thinking of moving house or are in the process of doing so, this quick checklist highlights some of the main things you will need to do.

Secure a mortgage

If you intend to buy a property, first you will need to know whether you will qualify for a mortgage or an alternative loan to buy your new home. Be prepared to have to go through credit checks, and make sure you have all the paperwork that the bank will ask you to gather so you can move along the process smoothly. If you’re going to rent, although you won’t need to apply for a loan, it’s highly likely you will still have your credit score checked by your new landlord. You may also be asked to provide a guarantor in both circumstances.

House inspection

If you’re renting a property, it’s always smart to make a note of any existing damage or general wear and tear in the home and give this list to your landlord as well as keeping a copy for yourself. This will provide a record of what condition the property was like when you moved in and could help to prevent you from being blamed for that damage when you eventually move out. If you’re buying a house, always have the property inspected by a professional before you finalize the sale, as this information could help you to negotiate the price or decide not to continue with the sale if the damage is too severe.

Hire a removal company

A lot of people consider moving their belongings from A to B themselves, but most of the time it’s better to hire professional movers to do this for you. They can do all the heavy lifting safely and with the right equipment, speeding up the process and getting you into your new home quickly. It should be easy to find a local mover online, or ask friends or relatives if they have any recommendations if they have recently moved, too.

Organize your belongings

Once you have finished signing all the relevant paperwork and have a move-in date, it’s time to start going through your belongings and deciding what comes with you and what can go. It’s a great opportunity to organize your things and get rid of all the clutter you might have collected over the years. You can sell some stuff online to make some extra cash or choose to donate items to charity if you would prefer. 

Pack/clean and tidy

The final stages of moving house will require you to pack up everything you are taking with you, before giving the property a deep clean and tidying up. This will make sure the house is in good condition when the new residents move in, and if you’re renting, your landlord will expect this from you. You can do this yourself, or hire professional cleaners instead.

There are a lot of things that go into moving to a new home, but the brief checklist above highlights some of the most important steps you need to remember. 


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