Saturday, August 22, 2020

The Most Surprising Things Students Miss About In-Person School [NEW SURVEY]


This year's Back-to-School Month of August is filled with firsts as many students prepare to learn remotely, and I have a data-driven idea story about survey results revealing the unexpected things US students said they miss most about full-time in-person learning

As we head into the new school year, Brainly, the largest global online learning and homework help community, surveyed over 3,000 U.S. students (in middle and high school) and some interesting insights were revealed. 

While it’s no surprise 72% of students agree the #1 thing they miss most is seeing friends, some of the other results were more unconventional
  • Nearly 15% said they miss the fluorescent lighting and class desks, and almost 13% said they miss gym class the most.
  • Roughly 11% said their most-missed routine school activity is group projects, while about 9% said it is the morning announcements and pledge of allegiance, and over 8% said it is getting books in/out of their lockers
  • The school location/area students miss spending time in most is classrooms (20%).
  • Students’ most-missed common school activities and occurrences include:
    • Organized school sports (15.9%)
    • Passing notes to friends during class (10.8%)
    • Getting an A+ on an assignment (10.8%)
    • When the bell rings and it’s time to switch classes (9.1%)  
  • Alarmingly, 47.3% of students ranked their stress level as extreme (27.6%) or severe (19.7%) regarding the upcoming school year in comparison to past school years.
“With the shift to online learning and hybrid learning, students are realizing they miss many of the things they previously took for granted and complained about during the regular school year. One silver lining from the pandemic is that American students’ will likely experience a renewed sense of appreciation for their teachers and gratitude for the opportunity to go to school everyday,” says Patrick Quinn, parenting expert at Brainly. 

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