5 Key Items for Your Next Getaway




If there is one thing that can get us through the long period between booking a holiday and actually going on it, it’s buying everything we need to have a truly wonderful trip. Many of the items on this list can be used again and again, while offering extreme style, protection, and convenience. This means you aren’t just treating yourselfyou're investing in all your future vacations. 

These five key items will absolutely transform your next getaway, and make all future getaways far more pleasant and wonderful to enjoy.


A Travel Bag with Storage Compartments 


The size limit of carry-on luggage continues to get smaller. If you want to enjoy complimentary luggage and be able to bring your most prized possessions with you on flights, then you need a travel-sized backpack that packs a punch. This means it should have multiple compartments of various sizes perfectly designed to hold everything you could need — everything from your laptop to your water bottle and even a set of overnight clothes — without making the bag bulky. 


Document Holder 


document holder will keep track of all your important documents in a waterproof, sealed bag you can easily access to in your travel bag. Having one will make it easier and safer, as they can even attach via a hook to your backpack so they cannot be ripped away from you or accidentally dropped. 


A Hat Clip 


Bringing hats on a plane used to be a struggle, but now it is easy. Just get a hat clip that attaches to your back and clips up to your hat (or hats). Because they are not being shoved in the bag, you can keep your hat looking its best. And if the flight attendants have a problem with the new size of your carry-on, just put the hat on your head as you walk through the check-in counter


Phone Case Holder 


You will need your phone a lot both through the airport and on your trip. You can keep it safer and more secure with a Keebos.com crossbody phone case that you can wear around your body or around your neck. It will always be within easy reach, safe from snatchers or drops, and look great with every outfit. 


Sunglass Strap 


The same applies to your sunglasses. When you spend a lot on any of the trending sunglass styles of this year, you don’t want to drop them or lose them. With sunglass straps you don’t have to worry about that ever again. Use a chain, a retro cord, or a leather strap to keep it around your neck and add that touch of old-school elegance when you are on the promenade or sitting poolside. 


You will need travel accessories that make it more comfortable, easy, and secure to travel. These options are an absolute must to make your travel experience more enjoyable, so you can enjoy your destination to its fullest instead of having one mind on your precious belongings.

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