Monday, July 13, 2020

What To Do When You Cannot Attend a Birthday Party

Care Package Drive By For My Son On His Birthday

No matter how hard you try, there may be times you will not be able to join a birthday party you have been invited to attend. But do not fret! There are still ways you can show the recipient that you care enough to remember them. Here are four ways you can resolve a sticky situation when you cannot attend a party.

1. Order a Basket

You can find dozens of sites online with hundreds of types of gift baskets to choose from. Select baskets that can be sent directly to the recipient that are filled with fruits, quirky candy, noisemakers, and even barbeque items. There are also baby baskets, spa cartons, and boxes of meat. Choose something your friend or family member would love and have it shipped right away.

2. Send a Card

If you have a few days before the big party, choose from many available whimsical birthday cards. You can easily find an age-appropriate card or select a hilarious card that teases the birthday boy or girl. There are even a few risqué cards available if your friend would appreciate that type of humor. Do not forget to slip a few dollars into the envelope before sealing it as a special surprise for those you are close to.

3. Make a Call

Sometimes if you are unavailable to go to the birthday party, you can make a call to remind your friend or loved one that you are thinking of them. You can also use the conversation to arrange for a future lunch, dinner, or morning coffee when you are both free to meet.

Life is full of surprises, so when you cannot attend a birthday party, you can still let the person know you care. The three ideas listed above are the most popular ways of letting someone know you remember them. Why not try one out today?

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