Thursday, July 23, 2020

How to Pick the Right Pet for Your Family

After many weeks or months of your kids begging you for a pet, you might have finally agreed to welcome an animal into the home.

However, the pet you choose must not only have a happy lifestyle, but they should complement your family’s specific needs and dynamic.

To ensure you make the correct decision, read these top tips on how to pick the right pet for your family.

Find a Pet to Match Your Lifestyle

Your family’s lifestyle must match a pet’s needs. For example, if you and your partner have the same work schedule and will spend many hours outside the home, a dog likely isn’t the right option. After all, they will require many walks and feeds, as well as a considerable amount of attention. 

If a dog isn’t the best pick for your lifestyle, you might be better suited to a cat or rabbit. If in doubt, contact your local rescue service for advice, as they could help you find the perfect pet for your family’s specific needs.

The Cost of Pet Ownership

Factor in the costs of pet ownership to ensure you can afford to care for a pet’s essential needs each day. For example, you might need to pay for:

·       Food

·       Toys

·       Vet bills

·       Insurance

·       Dog walking

·       Pet sitting

It is likely a dog or cat will require all the above at some point in their lives. There are, however, lower-cost pets to consider, such as goldfish, a guinea pig, or leopard gecko. 

A Pet’s Personality

If the whole family has their heart set on a dog, and a pooch will fit your lifestyle, you must consider their temperament before you welcome a new dog into the home. 

Many people make the mistake of bringing home a high-energy dog, who they might perceive as naughty or hard to handle. Returning a dog to a rescue service is not only unfair on your children, but it is unfair on a canine, too.

There are, however, many ways to care for full high energy dogs, such as tiring them out on a walk and making time for outdoor and indoor activities. So, if you have the time and patience to care for their needs, they could soon become a much-loved member of the family.

Familiarize yourself with a breed’s temperament, exercise requirements, average lifespan, and any health problems they could be prone to develop, which you should factor into your decision.

Consider Allergies

If your child is living with eczema, asthma, or hay fever, avoid welcoming a pet with dander, such as hairs, feathers, or skin cell shedding. Otherwise, you could trigger a child’s allergic reaction, which could cause them much discomfort each day. If a loved one has an allergy, talk to your local vet or pediatrician for advice on whether to welcome a pet into the family home.

So, if you are considering expanding your family in 2020, consider the above factors when picking the perfect pet.

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