Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Best Home Improvement Projects

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Got free time at home and don’t know what to do? How about giving your place a little love with any of these best home improvement projects.


Your house or apartment is such a big part of your life, and like any other aspect of living, it also needs attention and time. 


Working on your home can also be a fun activity, a way to de-stress that makes you unplug from responsibilities, and enjoy your house to the fullest. 


Everyone will have different skill levels when it comes home remodeling, so there’s a project in here for all:

Fresh Paint Job 

Adding a new color or coat of paint to a room can immediately improve the look of it, and how you feel about it. 


This is one of the best home projects to start on your own because anyone can do it, and it doesn’t require many tools or spending. 


You can space this project out room by room, plus experiment with painting with patterns and different techniques. 


Painting is a great starting point for changing your home yourself. 

Deep clean 

A deep clean is going to not only make your home look different, but it might make it smell different, no kidding, getting rid of clutter can improve airflow and get rid of that stuffy smell. 


It will also help you have more space, and that also changes the look of a room, less stuff means more breathing room and that makes accent pieces like art or wall colors stand out.  


Here are some tips to get you started: 

      Set a cleaning plan

      Go room by room 

      Finish as soon as possible 

      Separate items into keep/donate or sell/ toss away 

      Test how much you actually use your ‘keep’ items 


Repeat the deep clean regularly to keep your home decluttered and looking good. 

Take it outside 

The outdoor spaces of your home also deserve some TLC, so spread your efforts there too. 


Start with a simple cleaning, and go on to more from there, projects like pool renovations can have a significant impact in your home, putting some fun in your summer or even adding value to your estate. 


Another exciting plan for these outdoor spaces is gardens, here you can experiment with all kinds of flowers or even grow your own produce.


Good lighting can be a significant, simple space remodeling that you can finish in a day, definitely one of the best home projects to get you started.  


For this one, it helps to know your light output specifics to get the right kind of bulbs and avoid mishaps. 


You can choose different types of lightbulbs for every room, or need; go with cold lights for garages and more work-oriented spaces, and warmer tones for the bedrooms and living room. 


Changing your lighting can also save you money on energy spending, so include that in your decisions. 


The best part about all these projects is that they are both fun and useful because anything you do to improve your home will benefit you in the long run.








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