Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Keep The Kids Busy with an Awesome, Interactive Products From Pavilion

Cool Math: 50 Fantastic Facts for Kids of All Ages by Tracie Young and Katie Hewitt (3/3/2020; Hardcover $14.95; ISBN: 978-1843654483; Ages 12 and up; 112 pages) is perfect for Pi Day on March 14th, as well as STEM and Summer Reading!

Inside this mega-jam-packed book are fifty fact-tastic ways to advance your math skills so you'll never be outnumbered by numbers again!

From core curriculum techniques such as multiplying multiples to calculating calculus and probability and division, right through to working out tricky statistics, formulas, and equations in or outside of the classroom, Cool Math will help you work your way out of everyday situations in a way that you'll never forget.

This lively, engaging book is illustrated throughout to help bring math to life, and topics include how to tip, how to work out the distance of a storm, Fibonacci sequences, cracking codes, and many more! From simple multiplication to complex calculus, math has never been easier. With the Cool Math approach, it's fun to learn and easy to remember, but difficult to forget!
The 411: What I loved about this is my daughter challenging certain ways math was done in the book. The reason I love it is I am learning a lot plus she is showing me just how much she knows. We have come a long way baby. This girl use to cry during homework until 5th grade. She really does know her math! With that being said, I loved how the book explains everything. It is math idiot friendly and the reason I can say that is I am a total math idiot!!! I never understood math in school and I am getting it. I can measure any tree right now without a tape measurer. SO COOL!

Build a Castle: 64 Slot-Together Cards for Creative Fun by Pail Farrell (4/7/2020; Hardcover $19.95; ISBN: 978-1843654469; Ages 3-5; 64 pages): Turrets, ramparts, windows, walls, and more--create your own medieval masterpiece with the first in a new series of graphic-designed building cards.

This pack contains sixty-four cards (4 x 2¾ inches) of a variety of graphic designs. Clever paper engineering allows you to slot the cards together, building up and out in whichever way you like! Also included is a short ten-page booklet, with descriptions of the card designs and suggestions of stacking methods. The instructions tell you how to build a castle, or you can let your imagination run riot and design your own!

Renowned illustrator Paul Farrell has designed these cards in his bold, colorful graphic style--turning the image of a castle into a work of art.

The 411: My daughter and I have had a blast with this.  She likes to go through the photos in the book and make everything look like the photos in the book. She has always been like that. I on the other hand like to do my own thing. 

For some reason she thought it was really funny that I put a fence and door on top of a window. She took a million photos and even drew what my version looked like pointing out all my mistakes. I thought we were suppose to have fun! So far we have opened this box about 5 times this week and laughed every time. We believe it is great for anytime but especially now during the quarantine. 

Today I am going to run this down to my preschool class for the school age kids that are there so they can play with it. We have a skeleton crew of teachers and assistants for the essential workers that are still working and this will be the perfect change for them this week. 
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