Friday, February 21, 2020

Macca The Alpaca By Matt Cosgrove

Macca the alpaca's days were happy and carefree until -- drama! -- a llama. In this adorable, quirky picture book, Macca the alpaca loves splashing in puddles and gives the best cuddles. But when he bumps into a big bullying llama named Harmer (who's no charmer), Macca must prove the value of smarts and kindness.

The 411:

The book is about an Alpaca named Macca and a bully named Harmer. Harmer challenges Macca to a series of strength, height and race competitions to which of course Macca wins by a literal landslide.

This is a good versus evil book with Macca being our good animal and Harmer being our mean one. The book is written for ages 3-5 and my class is 2-3 with the oldest being about 3.3 months old. There were parts of the book I would not be able to read to them comfortably. Like Harmer calling Macca a puny pipsqueak and the page of Harmer being mean to Macca. I  do like the message about about how even when someone isn't nice you, you can rise above and be nice but maybe for ages 4-6. Where they will find parts of the book funny. The illustrations are perfect and Harmer definitely is a meanie but I was not comfortable reading this to my class.

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