4 Tips for Accessorizing in Style

If you possess a strong accessory game, you have the ability to transform ordinary outfits into fashion statements. It might not seem like accessories can create such a difference, but they are truly the finishing touches. Think of how a cake is taken to the next level with frosting or fondant. 

With that said, you can’t simply walk into being an accessory guru. It is an art form, and you will need to work at it to get better. Although to help you in your development, take into account the following four tips. Take on-board the advice, and in no time you’ll be accessorizing in style.

1. Striking the right balance

Before you even begin picking out accessories, you have to decide on an outfit. It’s important to strike the right balance between your clothing and accessories. If you opt for a bold outfit, this will limit the opportunity for those added touches to shine. 

On the other hand, a basic outfit will allow you to go bold with your accessories. A plain look can suddenly be given an interesting, complex appearance by accessorizing. However, caution needs to be taken. You don’t want to throw too many accessories at a single outfit. The last thing you want is to start looking like a child who has raided their mom’s closet for a game of dress-up.  

As a result, you need to get that balance right. Don’t go too bold with your base layer of clothing. At the same time, have restraint when utilizing accessories. 

2. Pop with jewelry 

Jewelry is arguably the best way to add instant depth to an outfit. A statement necklace can cause a dress to pop. Earrings that match the color of a shirt can help create an appealing symmetry.

Although just like the previous point, avoid going crazy when choosing jewelry. However, if you have a bold ring like one from Annoushka’s Chameleon jewellery collection, let it shine as it should. Don’t lessen its impact by loading up on too many statement pieces. A general rule is to pair one statement piece with a couple of other understated jewelry choices. 

3. Fancy footwear 

The right pair of shoes can tie the rest of the outfit together. The wrong pair of shoes, however, can detract from your overall look. As ever, it’s all about balance. Above all else, remember your footwear of choice should be complementing your look, not competing against it. 
Bright, eye-catching pumps or sparkly stilettos can be the difference in transforming a neutral outfit into a memorable one. Take the opposite situation, where you are wearing something like a striking ball gown, and the shoes need to remain simple. 

4. Grab a bag 

The last piece of the puzzle is selecting the right handbag. When doing this, you have to consider the rest of the outfit. Above all else, the bag should fit the vibe of what you’re wearing. It’s also vital to choose a bag for the occasion. If you’re going shopping with your children, a large handbag might work best. If on a date, however, a cute clutch bag would be much more appropriate. 

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