Monday, January 13, 2020

3 Reasons Why You Should Throw a Bachelorette Party at Home

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Throwing a bachelorette party at home, are you kidding? Is probably what some of you are thinking when you read this, but stick with it and read on to find out exactly why hosting a bachelorette party in your house can be just as fun as if you were going to Vegas.

1. Money, money, money

No one is saying that the bride isn’t worth a million bucks, but the reality is not everyone who has been invited to this party is going to be able to afford a week in Mexico at a luxury resort. Being a guest at a wedding can cost a small fortune, with buying a gift, getting a new outfit, haircut etc. If you’re also a member of the bridal party, these costs go up even further with required attendance at all the other events surrounding the big day. This financial strain can spill over and cause tensions in relationshipsand no one wants that to happen. By keeping the party at home, no one is feeling the pressure on their bank account. Don’t think that a budget-friendly party won’t have all the same perks, either. There’s a list of services you can hire for private events at home to make the night just as glamorous, for example, places like enable you to get your own private bartender right there in your living room! 

2. Freedom

It’s your house so you can do what you want! By staying at home, you can choose exactly the right song for the right moment without having to beg a DJ in a bar to put it on the long list of requests. You don’t have to check out of a room by 11 am, with a head that is pounding due to your hangover, instead you can lay in your sweatpants all day with no judgement. You don’t even have to put on that pair of gorgeous but agony-inducing heels for a night on the town. Total freedom and comfort for everyone to enjoy the night how they want to. 

3. It’s Personal 

Hosting the bride’s bachelorette at your house allows you to make the experience more personal to her. If she’s your best friend or your sister, there will be a ton of memories she cherishes in your house. Maybe you could even recreate some of the best ones as part of the evening’s entertainment? Or use these moments to make a scavenger hunt for her through the house to find a box of goodies or where you and the other guests are hiding? You can buy in all her favorite foods and drink and put on a spread for her, make a personalized playlist or dig-out some old home movies of the two of you together? Personal touches are showing how well you know her canmean much more than spending a fortune on a glitzy night out. 

There’s nothing wrong with a big, wild night out or trip away to send the bride off into married life with style, but sometimes keeping things simple can have a much more significant impact that allows you to show how much she means to you.

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