Monday, September 02, 2019

A Guide to Adding an Art Deco Style into Your Home

If you love the glamor and elegance of The Great Gatsby and want to bring the roaring 1920s into your home, you should aim to create an Art Deco interior design that will provide your property with the wow factor.

The classic décor will ensure each room oozes luxury, symmetry and sophistication, which will make your interior stand out from many other homes near you. To elevate your space in 2019 and beyond, read this handy guide to adding an Art Deco style into your home.

Identify Art Deco Characteristics

There are various styles that have been associated with the classic 1920s style, such as geometric patterns, angular forms, and linear decoration. It can create a bold, strong, and fuss-free space that will help you to make a big statement in your home.

Pick the Right Materials

There are various materials that are synonymous with the Art Deco period, such as:

·         Stainless steel
·         Chrome
·         Inlaid wood
·         Glass
·         Exotic skins (e.g. zebra and shark)
·         Marble
·         Rare wood

Incorporating the above materials into your décor can, therefore, help you to develop an authentic style that will exude luxury.

Choose Contrasting Colors

To embody the Art Deco style, select bold and striking colors that perfectly contrast. For example, you should aim to incorporate bright red, yellow, blue or green hues into the space, which can pair well with black, silver or chrome. However, if you want to enjoy a more neutral space, choose beige or cream shades, which are ideal for a living room, bedroom and dining room.

Select a Theme

It was common for many people to incorporate themes into their homes during the 1920s, such as:

·         Chevrons and zigzags
·         Stylized animals
·         Branches, feathers and leaves
·         Jagged, pointed edges
·         Trapezoids
·         Nudes

Pay Attention to the Little Details

It is important to pay close attention to the small details when attempting to create an Art Deco-inspired home. For example, adding pretty florals will fail to reflect the glamorous era, which is why you must pick geometric patterns or solid colors.

You also should skip the contemporary radiators and select a timeless cast iron radiator. It is also wise to bear in mind that the era tended to lean towards large scale furniture, so invest in big armoires, sideboards, and chairs to accurately reflect the period.

Add Glass and Chrome Lighting

Both glass and chrome were brand-new materials during the 1920s, which is why they were heavily used to create the iconic Art Deco design. It was also common for glass to be either enameled or etched, but other homeowners often leaned towards either white glass or Tiffany-styled glass. While you can add authenticity into your home by incorporating original lighting fixtures from the period, you can find many high-quality reproductions on the market.

By incorporating the above elements into rooms across your home, you can effectively create an authentic Art Deco inspired home that will provide your property with the wow factor.

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