Sunday, August 18, 2019

Looking For Something To Binge? DC Comic Legends Arrow & The Flash Are On DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital This Month

Are you guys looking for a new series to binge? My husband and I have had slim pickings with neither of us agreeing on what we want to settle in. I received a copy of Arrow The Complete Seventh Season a few weeks ago and decided to bring it to the table. My husband never heard of it! What?!  I watched the 1st and half of the 2nd season because of Manu Bennett who was in Spartacus on Starz. I loved Manu and wanted to keep up with him. My husband and I cannot be in front of a TV at certain times so we usually watch on DVD or when it hits Netflix. We have borrowed the 1st Season from the library and my guy is hooked. I am so happy we found something we both like.

If you love vigilante type shows this is for you. My husband and I love "superhero"movies and he was a huge comic book reader when he was younger. Inspired by the DC comic book character the show is filled with action, great characters.

The Flash The Complete Fifth Season is also out and while I haven't watched it I am excited to dig in. Spending time with my husband is important to me so I love when we can find something we both want to watch. With all the scenes I watched on the CW You Tube Channel, I am excited to start watching it. It looks fun!

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