Wednesday, August 21, 2019

5 Tricks To Keep Back-to-School Morning Chaos-Free

My boo boo on her first day last year. 

I have never been excited about school starting. Spending time with my kids is my favorite thing to do but life happens and we need to go back to school and work so why not face the music! It is going to happen. I love these tips from Priya Rajendran! Check it out.

Back to school chaos is here: that means alarm clocks, the breakfast rush, lunch packing and backpack check, while parents rush to get ready for their own busy work day.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Enter Priya Rajendran, a software engineer and technology veteran who built Paypal’s Wallet for Mobile apps, and is now Director of Product Innovation and User Experience at Ford Connected Vehicles.

She’s the parent of a middle high schooler, and founder of S’moresUp (, a free app and one of Apple's Top of the “Recommended Apps for Parents,” that helps families manage every aspect of parenting straight from their mobile phones.

Based on her 20 years of work as a technologist and helping 100,000 families manage their day to day lives online, she’s developed a “Back to School Mornings Checklist” to free parents of the joy-sucking, stressful morning September sprint.

Here's what she wants parents to do:

Plan out yours and your kid's outfits for the entire week and lay them out in a designated area of the house. Like Steve Jobs' reported old work outfit trick, knowing exactly what you'll wear every day will simplify your week since you won’t really have to think about it.

The Echo Dot Kid's Edition helps wakes your kids up, schedules teeth brushing and eating, Alexa's skills will also help your kids do their homework after school.

Charge family laptops and cell phones and make sure your older kids have portable, emergency chargers too. Because there's nothing worse than not being able to reach your kids in an emergency. An Anker PowerCore+ Mini Portable Charger is a great, compact option.

Download and lay out your week using your Google Calendar or S'moresUp:  Among other things, the app lets your entire family organize and lay out the week on its calendar, or import your Google calendar. This way, everyone's up to date on after school activities, homework assignments, and soccer practice.

Designate an organized corner of the house where all Back to School materials will live: backpacks, teacher notes, assignments, etc. No more running around the house looking for lost items.

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