Sunday, September 23, 2018

Top Four Outdoor Space Cleaning Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

Are you looking for ways to make cleaning outdoor both easier for you and a fun activity for your children? Is it really possible to teach your children about responsibility and doing the chores by using fun activities?
Cleaning activities don’t have to be overly taxing or difficult and they can be turned into games. This is brilliantly demonstrated in this article about home improvement projects you can involve your kids in!
As well as showing children the importance of keeping things clean and even working for their allowance. Many people think getting your children to help out around the house can be a good way to teach them about working for money.
A great time to incorporate these activities is when we move into winter and your garden furniture may need to go into storage.

Turn Packing Away Into a Game

As summer finishes, some of the patio furniture, their coverings and even your gazebo or its soft top may need to be packed away into storage. Whether they are going into the garage or another outbuilding, you can get your children to help.
The best method is to turn it into a giant game of tetris, and find the most space-saving method of getting your furniture all packed away for the winter. Your gazebo may even unscrew and pack down into ‘blocks’. Working out the best way to store these can help with your child’s logic skills, too.

Get Things Covered

The many different materials that may make up our garden furniture including rattan, wood and plastic are described here. If you don’t put items into storage then it is important to have patio furniture covers and generally to ensure anything that could be affected by the weather is protected.
This is something else that can easily be turned into a game, and a challenge for your kids to work out what items need to be covered up (and how to do so) and which items will be okay during the winter months.

Clean and Remove Spent Plants

This is a little different to the activities which involve cleaning patio furniture, for instance. Kids tend to love learning about nature and one way to teach them is to get them to help removing spent plants or those which are showing signs of rot.
As explained on, getting rid of these means you are less likely to experience pests when spring rolls around, and if you bury them elsewhere in your garden or add them to compost, you can end up with better quality soil.
This is yet another activity you add some fun to by adding a friendly competitive element.

Clean Up and Organize Your Garden Tools

The chances are any tools you use in your garden are probably going to be packed away for a lot of the winter. Nobody wants to come back in spring to have to clean off last years dirt, and having a fresh and organized set of garden tools can help you to stay motivated for the spring cleanup in the backyard.
Many children will enjoy learning about what the tools do at the same time, so you can turn it into a fun lesson. Just make sure there is nothing too sharp or dangerous to avoid potential accidents. For example, you can let them play with pots or watering cans.
Children also love to play with water! Use it for your advantage.


Have you enjoyed our article on cleaning activities for outdoor spaces? Planning new ways to involve your children? Feel free to share your own tips in the comment section below or share our list with others who may find it useful.

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