Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Household Items It Might Be Time To Replace

When we buy items for our home, we often expect them to last for quite a while. After all, we
 always want to get value for our money, right!? However, this isn’t always the case. In fact,
 there are quite a few things in your home that might need replacing right now.

Most of the time, your household items might need replacing for hygiene reasons, but there are a
 few other reasons for replacing some things as well. Not sure what it might be time to chuck? Here 
are five of the most common items that people forget to replace.

Your Herbs And Spices

Just because your herbs and spices are dried, it doesn’t mean that they are going to last forever. 
They still have a best before date. Not too sure how long all the dried herbs and spices have been
in your cupboard for? If your dried flat-leaf herbs have been there longer than a year, you should
replace them as they will be losing flavor. Whole spices can last for four years while ground herbs 
and spices can last a couple of years at the most.

The Mattress On Your Bed

How old is your mattress? If you can’t even remember when you bought it, it will definitely need
replacing. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what to go for, there are plenty of reviews and 
recommendations on and similar sites. Over time, a mattress 
will lose its support and could become quite lumpy. Obviously, this isn’t ideal for sleeping, and it
could ruin your sleep patterns.


Lots of people buy makeup and don’t replace it until it has run out. This is a bad idea, though, 
as old makeup could put you at risk of certain infections. This is especially the case for old 
eyeliner and mascara, as it could cause an eye infection. It’s easy to tell when you need to
replace your makeup items, though - just look for the use-by date. Makeup is just like food 
products and is always clearly marked with a best before date.

Your Water Filter

Lots of people are now buying water filters from the likes of so that they 
can remove toxins and particles from the water that they drink and cook with. But did you know
that you need to replace your filter part every so often? It’s true! It’s a good idea to check in the
owner’s manual that you got with the water filter, as it will recommend how often it needs changing.

The Toilet Brush

When your toilet brush starts to look very dirty, it makes sense to replace it rather than clean it. 
You can usually pick up new ones for very reasonable prices. Doing so often makes more sense 
than risking a potential infection!

So, now you know what might need replacing in your home, it’s probably time you checked 
everything in this list to see if you need to go out shopping!

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