Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Funny Children's Book by Child Author Aiden Dennis - The Advantures Of Captain Waffello-Toasty's Revenge

Get ready to be happily amazed and totally enthralled with The Adventures of Captain Waffello – Toasty’s Revenge by Aiden Dennis and his mother, illustrator Angie Butler.

Neurodiverse kids like those with ADHD often have trouble “sitting passively” through story time. This exciting, action-packed book approaches storytelling in a different way—it directly engages kids from the beginning! 

11-year-old author Aiden Dennis, diagnosed with ADHD, created a book experience he wishes he had when he was younger. His beautifully illustrated super hero and sidekick come to life with an interactive story.

Aiden lives with his family in Phoenix, Arizona. Interviews are available by arrangement upon request. 

I listened to the free audio book and was cracking up. Captain Waffello is going to save the world from burnt toast like the hero he is.  The Bad Guys have special powers like spatula smack down and the smolder. LOL. Captain Waffello has his own special powers like toaster throwing and terrible puns. He is good at what he does but he is extremely distractable.  Thankfully you, the reader, "Action Kid" will be helping Captain Waffello and his side kick Sir Rup. 

Kids will love this hysterical, interactive book.

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  1. Hi Maria, thanks for the great review for a special kind of book for kids with ADHD. Everyone can get the free audio download at if they want to listen as they read along. Totally hilarious!


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