Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Doe Deere Reveals Lime Crime Will Launch New Venus 3

Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime, is described as an extrovert by some. It seems that her personality has rubbed off on her make-up brand as well. Deere wears her hair and make-up as strikingly as she could, just to make a statement. As it is, her make-up line is regarded as a cult product by many.

When asked about this, Deere said the word “cult” to her meant that of being unique. She said that it is providing women with something that nobody else can. According to a recent racked article that is what she has been doing ever since she launched her Lime Crime beauty products in 2008. As a result, the beauty market experienced some drastic but wonderful changes. In a crowded place, it really takes quite a lot of effort to stand out. And that’s a big deal, because that is always her goal, she adds.

Her Venus line was already a success after launching her original Venus eye shadow palette, the Venus2 and then the Venus XL. Those who have already used these products claim that their colors and textures are beautiful and that they easily blend with each other to form unique hues on their own. And in keeping with her company’s tradition, all of these make-up products are cruelty free and 100 percent vegan.

Not satisfied with her Venus palette’s initial success, Deere has recently announced that her beauty company is again launching another new Venus palette. She made the announcement through an Instagram Live chat with the users of her brand and revealed that she is coming up with a new product. She reportedly said that there is going to be a Venus 3 but asked the fans not to tell anyone about it.

But apart from teasing her fans, she did not reveal any sneak peek or other details as to when Venus 3 will be released or how many colors will the palette consist of. One thing is clear though this new addition will be joining the first three Venuses in their bold, bright and unique series of eye shadow palettes.
Industry observers also believe that the upcoming Venus 3 palette will probably consist of eight pans. They based their presumption on the fact that the last Venus XL that was launched was more massive than the first two Venuses. In keeping with its tradition, Lime Crime will probably launch the Venus 3 with eight pans as well, so they say.
Whatever colors Venus 3 might include, their fans can expect these colors to be highly pigmented and that they will not easily fade. Fans and users of Venus palettes know how easy they can apply and blend these colors. Nothing short of these qualities is expected of the upcoming Venus 3.
Venus palette fans can also expect that this new make-up product will be cruelty free and 100 percent vegan. That’s just in keeping with the tradition of Deere that reflects her personal approach towards animal testing and her brand’s objectives. As part of her goals, she does a lot of charity work that benefits animals.

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