Thursday, February 22, 2018

When Work And Kids Collide

When women start to have kids, they need to ask themselves a very important question - 
how soon should they return to work? Obviously, most of the benefits of returning to work early 
are financial ones. For example, they will get back to receiving a full-time income again. However,
there are some other considerations that need to be given plenty of thinking time - can you afford all
 the childcare costs now that you won’t be around to look after your kids, is one example.

Lots of new moms realize that the answer to this issue is to work from home. Perhaps your
 company will let you work remotely while your babies are young, or you could even leave your 
full-time job to become a freelancer and work for yourself.

Of course, that does mean that you will be working at home with your kids around you. Think you’d
be able to juggle work and the kids? Here are some tips that will help.

Set Up A Home Office

You need to have a dedicated workspace at home. This will be where you can carry out your 
studies for your training, such as lean online courses, and your work in peace away from the 
noise of your kids. If your children are toddlers or babies, it’s a good idea to place the home office
close to your kids’ nursery so that you can keep an eye on them and prevent them from getting into
too much mischief.

Get A Support Network

You won’t be able to do this all on your own. There will be some instances when you can’t afford 
to miss any work or tight deadlines, so you will need someone to help you by taking the kids. To
make sure you always have a friend or relative to reach out to, it’s a good idea to find a support
network. This will be people who you know will be around if you ever need last-minute help.

Be Busy With The Kids In The Mornings

You’ll need to split your day up so that some of it is spent with the kids while others is spent
taking care of all your work and admin. One way to do this is to be busy with the kids in the
morning. In fact, you should try and play with them enough so that they are very ready for their 
nap in the afternoon. That way, you can power through some work during their naptime.

Consider Outsourcing

You will be very busy working for yourself as there is a lot of admin that you need to carry out 
on top of your work projects. This is often financial tasks, such as sorting out your taxes and 
taking care of your books. If you are feeling swamped by this all, there is one thing you can do - 
you can always outsource it to an accountant. It’s possible to outsource a wide range of admin 
tasks, not just your taxes!

Hopefully, this all makes juggling kids and working from home a little easier!

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