Sunday, February 11, 2018

3 Features Of Great Dry Erase Board Wall Coating In 2018

If you have ever worked on a project that requires you to generate ideas constantly, then you know the importance of a whiteboard. It enables you to put down your thoughts and ideas into writing and drawings. Unfortunately, if you are a heavy user of whiteboards, you might require a whole lot of them, for you to work efficiently, and they don’t come cheap. Even if you have the money to buy them, filling your work space with whiteboards is not a great idea. That’s why you need something more efficient, like a dry erase board wall paint. By using this paint, you can transform any surface into a whiteboard, and put down your ideas, from any location in your workspace. You can do in on tables, walls among other surfaces. Sounds like a great idea right? That’s because it is! But before you rush and buy dry board wall coating, you need to do your homework about its features. If you rush, you will end up wasting money on a wall coating that won’t do you any justice. To help you out, here are 3 features of a great dry erase board wall coating in 2018.

1.    It should be eco-friendly  
We are now beginning to understand the negative effects of our actions on the planet. That’s why to help make the world a better place, we all need to be more responsible, and only buy products that are eco-friendly. Erase board wall coatings are no exception to this rule. When buying an eraser coating, ensure that it is made of eco-friendly materials.  An eco-friendly wall coating not only helps take of the planet, but also eliminates any chances of you coming into contact with harmful chemicals that might compromise your health. That’s why, when buying an erase board wall coating, ensure that it has an eco-friendly label.

2.    The smell
One of the things you should look out for before purchasing a dry erase board wall coating is its smell. There are some erase board wall coatings out there that are so smelly that it is literally impossible to work with them. On top of that, some could be made of toxic materials which means that the smell is a danger to your health. That’s why before you purchase, you should also ensure that its composite materials are not harmful, and that the air you breathe while working with it, is clean.

3.    The dry time
Before you commit cash to buy a dry erase board wall coating, ensure that it has a quick drying time. There are some dry erase board wall coats that take so long to dry, it makes them inefficient to use. For best results, check for a dry erase board wall coating that has a quick drying time, preferably within 48 hours. Anything beyond 4 days is a waste of time. The whole point of using these products is to save on time, and that prerequisite should be met.

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