Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Things We Owe Most to Our Kids

The blessing of having a family is one without equal. Having a family means you will always have people for you to love, and to love you no matter if you are near to perfect or hardly ever come close to perfection.

Having a family means that you matter and that you always will. There is no better feeling when you are heading home after a tough day, knowing your family will be there to make everything better.
Of course, the best part of the family is your children. They are the center of your life and also provide the brightest light when things seem dim. They also remind you of why you are fighting so hard when your arms are just plain tired.

Children make it all worthwhile and what they give to us demands that we return their love with things that can assist them to live the happiest, healthiest and most productive lives. So for all of the parents, here is a list of essential things to do to show you appreciate your kids.

Raise them in a good community

It is a proven fact that kids reflect the communities in which they are raised. If they grow up in a place that is hard on them, they may have development and integration issues that follow them their entire lives. So parents should raise them in a community that is safe, and that has access to parks and facilities where they can be kids. There are places like this in every state.
Ojai Valley, Ojai Valley, a Southern California city, conveniently located between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, is a great example. It is a lush, green oasis that is surrounded by mountains on one side and is nestled in a deep valley. Ojai is a great community to raise kids because of its fantastic atmosphere and laid back citizens. There is a focus on nature here, a city is known for its' outdoor recreational opportunities, organic agriculture, and laws that encourage small business development and keep the town unique. What a beautiful place to teach your kids about life and what is important.

Send them to a good school

Schooling is so imperative that it is worth parents saving their money and making sure it is spent for their kid’s education. The goal should be to provide the best schooling possible, and this typically means private schools.

There are all types of private schools available, but not all are great. For an example of a great one we can single out Besant Hill an
Ojai Valley school that graduates not only academically advanced kids but ones who are fully prepared for the next stage of their lives. This private school also has boarding facilities so even if you do not live in the area your kids can attend.

Feed them good food

The food they eat, directly impacts how young people will develop and grow. The right diet can ensure that they have enough nutrients so that their bodies grow properly. Eating right can also give them the right amount of energy to be attentive in school and alert throughout their daily activities.

Children need a specific diet filled with lots of vegetables and fruit, proteins and good fats, and complex carbohydrates to give them time released energy through the day. Yes, they can have some sweets and salty snacks occasionally, but make sure they also eat lots of nuts and seeds too and stay away from sugary drinks.
Focus on a well-rounded diet, and you will help them to develop great eating habits.

Help them to be good people

Kids look to their parents for how to interact with others and their world. Teach them respect, tolerance, and empathy for others. These skills allow them to work with those who may look different or come from different cultures, religions or places. Teaching kids these qualities set them up for a happy and fulfilled life and help them to become better people as well.

Parents have a tough but rewarding job. When they do right by their kids, they can be proud that they have created people who will make the world a better place. They owe this to their kids.

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