Thursday, July 20, 2017

Make Your Loved One's Hospital Stay So Much Better With The Hospital Box

Candy and Flowers are great but staying in the hospital is lonely, scary and so boring which is why I love the idea of The Hospital Box.

You order The Hospital Box and create a personalized care package that will let your loved one know how much you miss them, think about them and love them.

3 Simple Steps:

·         Step 1- Attach Your Own Photos: Lift your loved ones spirits by showing them life outside the hospital and reminding them of precious memories they’ve had living life vibrantly! See their smile as they reminisce on the good times displayed on your personalized care package.

·         Step 2 - Add A Meaningful Items In The “Open When” Bags: Dozens of emotions take over when you’re left to sit in a hospital bed ranging from anger, to sadness, to loneliness, confusion and more. The Hospital Box comes with three soft cotton bags with messages: Open When You Need Comfort; Open When You Need Love; and Open When You Need Support. The bags are ideal for handwritten notes, mementos and anything that will bring a smile.

·         Step 3- Include Thoughtful Comfort Items: Customize your care package with a few  items that will bring the comfort of home right to their hospital bedside. 

The boxes are shipped to you for free and are 20% off right now so order soon.

It is really easy and really cute! Have fun creating one for someone you love.


When a loved one becomes hospitalized, things can get really stressful. Inspire their road to recovery with The Hospital Box – a creative care package kit that has everything you need to give an incredibly special gift! Inspired by the idea when her mother-in-law was hospitalized, Founder Kari truly believes in sending sincere, unique gifts to your loved ones when they are under the weather. Committing to showing their gratitude, The Hospital Box is teaming up with national charities and nonprofit organizations to raise money towards people getting healthy – and staying healthy.

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