Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Top 3 Golf Irons For Single Figure Handicap Golfers In 2017

Without a doubt, gold is one of the most popular sports in the world today. With household names like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Jack Nicklaus paving the way, Golf hasn’t seen the lack of audience in the past few decades. In fact, it has grown into a major sport that even regular people can play and compete at a high level. And with that being said, the competition is the sport has been on the rise ever since.

If you are striving to become better in your game, then you definitely must be thinking about improving your handicap. Handicaps are one of the most effective benchmarking methods in the sport that categorizes the players according to their skill levels. With handicaps, players are able to play with the “better” players at a fair ground.

If you want to improve your handicap, then you not only need to pay attention in your game; your swing, your center of gravity and your flow but also your equipment. Equipment plays a major role in the sport as one can only do so much with brute strength and technique. It is always better to complement those skills and technique with the best golf irons.

To help you in that aspect, our experts from have listed the three best golf irons that will surely help you achieve that single figure handicap;

1. Mizuno MP5 Irons

Despite the lack of legitimate sponsored players, every professional in the sport can attest to the quality of the Mizuno MP5. With its years of research and development, these strikingly beautiful irons will surely help you improve your game. Its consistent feel and flow will definitely help you be in your top form. Furthermore, its accurate low trajectory helps you land those short approaches. With the Mizuno MP5, you can be assured that all of the basics are perfectly covered; the feel, the flow, and the swing will all be top-class.

2. Taylormade Psi Tour Irons

The next set of irons on our list for the best irons for single digit handicap is the Taylormade Psi Tour Irons. Another one of those beautifully made irons that will captivate you. Its solid and strong grip will allow you to easily hit those long shots. A very distinct and probably a trademark of the Taylormade Psi Tour Irons is its’ crisp and beautiful sound as you hit the ball long. Even though they are relatively priced higher than its competitors, the sound it makes alone will surely make you feel your money’s worth.

3. Callaway Apex Pro 16 Irons

Last on our list is the Callaway Apex Pro 16 Irons. These funky golf irons will surely add excitement to your game. Generally used by the low to mid handicap golf players, its versatile range will surely make your games more fun and interesting. Having a better design than the company’s previous fan favorite, X-Forged 13 irons, this golf irons will significantly decrease those misstrikes and hits. Even with its expensive price tag, you will surely not regret having the Callaway Apex Pro 16 Irons.

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