Thursday, April 13, 2017

Mark Your Calendar: The Silly/Serious You Tube Show For Kids 6-11



A brand that asks important questions - playfully, thoughtfully, sincerely
LOS ANGELES, CA - ADAM'S ANSWERS, a new web series for kids 6-11 and their families that playfully explores life’s biggest questions, goes live on YouTube Friday, April 14, 2017 at Adam’s Answers. In the first episode, “What’s Adam’s Answers?” host Adam Mellema introduces himself and lays out what to expect in future shows. Also launching on 4/14 is a second installment, "Love Like Crayons," which looks at how loving someone takes on different colors. With new episodes every Tuesday and Friday, each informed by experts in a given field, the show investigates topics like “When Is It OK to Lie?” and “Do I Have Too Much Stuff?” in a thoughtful, lighthearted way.

ABOUT ADAM’S ANSWERS: Adam’s Answers is a multi-platform brand that encourages both kids and grown-ups to think about important questions. Everyman host Adam Mellema maneuvers through sometimes uncomfortable subject matter, helping parents and kids approach their own lives more intentionally and providing families with a starting point for meaningful conversations.
“Adam’s Answers’ YouTube show is a combination of Mr. Rogers’ Neighbor­hood and Ted Talks, all in 2-5 minute bites,” explains Executive Producer Donna Ebbs. “On Adam’s Answers we approach everything with curiosity, playfulness and a whole lot of research!” Before teaming with Mellema, tv veteran Ebbs was head of programming at kids channel, The Hub, where she developed the Emmy-winning series RL Stine's The Haunting Hour and the hugely popular My Little Pony reboot. “I always hear from families that they feel disconnected from each other. Adam’s Answers delves into meaningful subjects that affect both children and adults, and in doing so creates springboards for families to connect on the things that matter most.”

In the coming months, the Adam's Answers brand will launch on multiple platforms including an interactive website that goes live May 5, 2017; a half-hour, expanded-topic series for televi­sion/streaming; a publishing line; merchandise; and a touring road show. In the live show, Adam’s Answers: The Lie Detector Tour, Adam will travel the U.S. talking to kids and families about lying, and is currently accepting bookings for late summer and fall tours.

Creator Adam Mellema is a veteran kids TV producer and live performer who first appeared on the 1990’s television program Fast Forward. He went on to host a myriad of shows covering every topic from newspaper making, the AIDS epidemic, to the American Revolution. Adam has since become a nationally renowned storyteller, appearing at schools, libraries, and festivals throughout the country. As a kids’ content producer, Mellema received a regional Emmy award for his work on the series Come On Over, and has spent much of the last decade producing content for Disney Channel, Hub Network, and School Zone Publishing. Veteran Director John Chuldenko (Nesting, Fake Stacy) rounds out the web series team.

The 411:

My kids and I love watching You Tube Series. Some of them are funny, some education, some just entertaining but a lot of the ones we watch these days there is that moment when I think...ugh what are the kids thinking about that analogy? Do they know what they are talking about? Do we have to have THAT discussion now?

I loved the model. It is what kids are watching on You Tube now but more!. A host, some fun editing, life lessons, discussion about things kids need to learn for be successful humans. I think it is the perfect show. I love the episode where Adam and another discuss emotions. Lies, guilt, shame, etc.  Adam holds a large "sticky" heart. The guys discuss "lies" things people say to themselves or each  other "I am not good enough", I don't have what it takes", "No one will ever love me", Your body is gross", etc which they have written on pieces of paper. A man turns on a fan and they see how many of the pieces of paper with these words stick to the hearts.  They then talked about how some of these things were said to them when they were kids. Adam goes on to explain that our heart starts out totally clean but over time we hear these things and some of them end up sticking to our heart.  The other man tells us that if these things are bothering us we should talk to someone about them.

This was handled so well. It was an educational episode that kids will watch!

I wish Adam and the rest good luck and be sure to subscribe at Adam Answers.

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