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Busy Bags Kids Will Love By Sara McClure

Busy Bags Kids Will Love: Make-Ahead Activity Kits for a Happy Preschooler and Stress-Free Parent by Sara McClure

Description An engaging variety of mentally stimulating activities that keep children away from the TV

Offering 52 educational activities that develop fine motor skills and inspire STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) learning, Busy Bags Kids Will Love teaches you how to achieve that much-needed quiet time without the guilt. Best of all, you don’t have to break the piggy bank for these easily affordable, colorfully delightful crafting projects. This book offers a multitude of diverse activities for developing toddlers. Each one unlocks your preschooler's ever growing cognitive sensory functions: touch, sight, hearing, and smell. Crafts like ABC sticker puzzles, silly straws, button flowers, and build a robot make for fun quiet time while brightening the toddler’s day! The book’s 52 ideas are the perfect indoor and outdoor treat for birthdays, holidays, and everyday playtime come rain or shine.

The 411:

I love the idea of the busy bag. I wish I had heard of them when my kids were much younger but now that I work in a preschool I have been revisiting the idea of Busy Bags.  If you have never heard of Busy Bags they are basically contained themes many parents and caregivers are making to keep their kids busy and to provide stimulation and education.

Sara has some great ideas on Busy Bag ideas and how to put them together. She even suggests having a Busy Bag Swap party where many get together and swap busy bags they make. Everyone will go home with a few busy bags. LOVE IT!

There are 52 ideas in this book and each one includes the Target Skill your child will learn, material needed, step-by-step directions, and 100 colored photos. They are all easy to create and will definitely entice kids.

She even includes a list of 100 Things Kids Should Know Before Entering Kindergarten which I will be using in my preschool class. Things like putting on your own coat, knowing your first and last name, counting to 20, recognizing patterns and more. This is a great list!!!!

Most of these can be place in a soft pencil case bag and placed in a box, drawer or even binder or like we do in class you can put them all on a shelf and have the children pick from them during free time.

One of the ones I am doing on this rainy day is the Deck of Cards Mix-Up. It is so easy. You basically cut some of the cards up into pieces. Nothing too small and have the kids match them up and put them together like a puzzle.

Target Skills: number identification, visual discrimination


• 1 deck of cards
• scissors

The book is broken into Math, Literacy and Fine Motor Skills categories.

This is a must have book! As someone who was a stay at home mom to two under three years of age I know my job was to find things that kept them busy, kept them from fighting, was educational and fun I wish this book was around then! Now as a teacher to 10 preschoolers I know my job is pretty much the same and cannot wait to use these ideas in the classroom.

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