Thursday, December 15, 2016

Disney Makes an Entrance Into the Healthcare Industry

Disney is known for being fun and happy. It is a staple in the entertainment industry. However, it isn’t usually thought of in the context of healthcare. This company, though, employs a lot of people all over the world, and it is known for providing great benefits to its employees. With that in mind, it really isn’t all that shocking that Disney has added healthcare to its portfolio.

The Disney Health Clinic
In late 2008, Disney opened a health care clinic at Disney World in Florida. This clinic is for employees and their families to be able to get treatment and care quickly and easily while on or off the clock. The clinic is called the Center for Living Well and is part of the company’s goals to promote healthier living for its employees.

It is a large 15,000 square feet. Employees can use the facility if they are on the Disney health care plan. The development of this health center follows in the footsteps of other large employers in the area. However, Disney is by far the largest employer to build a health clinic on site for its employees. It is a shining example of Disney’s leadership’s commitment to its employees.

The center doesn’t skimp on anything. Leading doctors and other medical professionals staff the center. As mentioned by UC, leadership in healthcare is very important, so Disney was sure to hire only the most qualified staff to serve its valued employees. The center acts as a primary care facility. It features many great services, like labs, diagnostics, and a pharmacy. It works in conjunction with other health and wellness services the company offers, like health clubs, to allow employees and their families to get comprehensive care. It goes beyond just reading literature provided by the company or even this article from USC Online. This medical center lets employees take control of their health.

Special Features
Of course, being Disney, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill medical center. Every detail was carefully designed and special features were installed to ensure nobody ever forgets this is a Disney facility. It starts with the overall layout, which was created to help maintain the utmost privacy. The idea of a co-worker or your boss seeing you at the doctors can be a bit unnerving, but with the building’s design, employees likely won’t have to deal with this. Taking the privacy theme one step further, there is special background noise piped into the facility to prevent overhearing patients and medical staff.

Murals painted on the walls are written in many languages to encourage every employee, regardless of what language he or she speaks. They also feature amazing scenes that are tranquil and encouraging. Plus, each mural includes a hidden mouse head somewhere in it. The overall décor theme is friendliness, making this fit right in with what anyone would expect from Disney.
Moving into healthcare isn’t some crazy new attempt by Disney to expand the brand. This move is just to help employees and their families. It is just another perk of working for the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

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