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Interior Design Expert Jeffrey Welder of Vant Wall Panels Offers Easy Halloween Decorating Tips to Transform Your Home

Time to get into the spirit of Halloween!  This holiday offers so many fun decorating options that are not only simple, but also easy on the budget. Do it right and you will blend super spooky with outstanding style. You may even have the supplies laying around your house. The only thing limiting you is your imagination! Get the kids involved and make it a family affair! We’ve got the perfect ideas for your Halloween inspired home from Interior Design Expert and Marketing Director Jeffrey Welder of Vant Wall Panels, the innovative and user-friendly wall décor system.

·         It’s All About the Door. Let your front door be your “centerpiece.” You can pick up extra-large sized googly eyes at most dollar stores or make them yourself from cardstock or poster board. Then let your creativity go wild! Add some gauze or light white fabric for a mummy. Add some hair and teeth with construction paper for a Frankenstein. Or cover the door in white paper or a white sheet and add the eyes for a ghost. Trust me when I say, the neighborhood folks will totally enjoy this and you’ll get lots of compliments. This little project can be done for under $3.

·         Bats and Spiders, Oh My! Add a little spookiness with super-sized bats and spiders attached to your house and garage door. The removable, repositionable style that can stick to your house are widely available and add a little flair that’s extra fun AND really affordable. They can also be removed and used again next year. Feel like DIY’ing it? You can get out the poster board or construction paper, too, as long as your creatures won’t be exposed to rain. Just make sure you attach them with a tape that won’t damage any painted surfaces.

·         Mums the Word. Mums are the celebratory flower of fall and make any front porch look festive. Pick up a couple of pumpkins and mums. Cut out the top of your pumpkins and clean out the insides. Then add some potting soil and plant your mum inside the pumpkin. There you have two of fall’s favorite things looking fabulous together on your front steps. 

·         A Bunting We Will Go. Who can pass up a cute bunting or pennant? They’re easy to make and add a touch of whimsy to the railing or stairway of your front porch. Pick up some orange and black or Halloween printed fabric inexpensively at a store like JoAnn’s or Walmart. Only a small amount of fabric is required for this so it ends up being a very affordable craft project. Cut fabric into triangles (a pattern can be found with a simple Google search) and attach to twine with a little glue; no sewing is required. These hang best from Command Hooks that are removable and stay put for the whole season.

·         Everyone Love an Old Fashioned Scarecrow. A project your kids will thoroughly enjoy is  making a good old fashioned scarecrow. Grab some old jeans, a flannel or plaid shirt, some old boots and a hat. Stuff your scarecrow with anything you can find around the house, from old towels to poly-fil. Tie off the ends of the arms and pants using a rubber band or some string. Prop your scarecrow up on a chair on your porch and add a head. A head can be made from a small pumpkin or even a white pillowcase with the face drawn on.

·         Cast a Spooky Glow. If you have outdoor lighting, replace the light bulbs with orange colored bulbs. These can be picked up at most home improvement stores for a couple of dollars. The impact of the orange glow is eerily cool! 

·         Create Your Own Pumpkin Patch. A couple of hale bales, some corn stalks and a selection of pumpkins and gourds and you’ve got yourself a homemade pumpkin patch. This looks great in the corner of your yard or front porch. Prop up the corn stalks in the background, place a couple of hay bales in front and set a display of pumpkins and gourds on and around the hay bales. Indian corn can also be added for a little extra touch.

Halloween isn’t just about the kids and candy anymore. Get into the spirit yourself with a few little decorations and a whole lot of fun.

Jeffrey Welder is the Marketing Director and Interior Decorating Expert at Vant Wall Panels. Vant Wall Panels are the most innovative and user-friendly wall décor system ever created. Vant is inspiring living at its finest. They’re perfect for every room in the house, from bedrooms and living/family rooms to kitchens and the home office. Discover Vant Wall Panels online at https://www.vantpanels.com/ . You can follow them InstagramFacebook,TwitterPinterest.

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