The Best Disney-Themed Activities for Birthday Parties

Organizing a child’s birthday party can be a fun project, but a very difficult one, considering the abundance of great options available. Disney themed activities can make the event planning process all that much easier, as almost any child can relate to the characters and stories they’ve surely come to cherish. In fact, everyone, from young to old, will have a memorable time partaking in Disney-themed activities at your child’s next birthday party. On that note, we’ve compiled a list of a few great Disney-themed activities that will be surefire hits at any child’s birthday party. Find out more below!

Coloring Books

Fun art projects are always a hit! With Disney-themed coloring books, children can learn how to recreate the vibrancy of their favorite characters on paper using markers, coloring pencils and, crayons. Not only is this project a really easy activity to organize, but it also keeps children entertained and engaged. Additionally, coloring is a calmer activity choice that might help maintain balance throughout the event. So, if the group of children you are hosting are particularly active, a session of coloring their favorite Disney characters might just do the trick in cooling them down for a while.

Disney Bingo

Bingo is a great way to bring Disney characters to the party in a fun and social way. Additionally, this also serves as an easy DIY project, which can be customized based on the child’s favorite characters, stories and movies. Create a simple board featuring key characters or Disney catchphrases, and have the rowdy group of kids enjoy a fun game of bingo at the party! It’s really that easy. For a great source of inspiration when creating your customized bingo board, have a look at some of the best bingo pay with paypal sites out there today. In fact, lists some of the most popular ones, so you can actually play, see what their graphics look like, and create a bingo board that will really create some fun momentum at the party. When in doubt, choose bingo!

Scavenger Hunts

Who doesn’t enjoy a challenge? Children will surely be up for a thrilling scavenger hunt, especially if the hidden treasure happens to be a token featuring their favorite Disney character. Scavenger hunts are a great way to incorporate themes into a child’s birthday party all while utilizing the space and the environment to its full potential. Backyard parties mean hidden treasures can be found in bushes and trees, while indoor parties can leverage furniture as well as, nooks and crannies to keep things really tricky and exciting. We guarantee that every child will love to put his or her best efforts into finding where Ella from Frozen might be hiding.

Pin the Tail on the...Eeyore?

The classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game is fun for everyone, young or old. Theming it to Disney’s famous donkey, Eeyore, is sure to get children and adults, alike, wanting to give the melancholic fellow his poor tail back! This game really creates a fun vibe and everyone will be laughing with the inevitable misplacement of his tail, rest assured. It’s also easy to plan and create. All you need is a large photo of Eeyore and a separate image of his tail with enough adhesive to allow it to stay.

There are many ways in which you can incorporate Disney themed activities into a child’s birthday party. Whether you allow them to test their creative skills or send them off on an exciting adventure, Disney-themed activities will always be a hit. Happy Planning!

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