Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Keeping Dust to a Minimum in Your Home

Removing dust from your home can require a lot of time, leaving less time for the things you actually want to do. However, there are several ways to keep dust at a minimum inside your home. With less dust inside a home, you do not need to mop the floors or vacuum carpets as frequently. You will not see a deep layer of dust on your home’s furniture or window sills. In addition, dust will not collect on draperies and upholstery to create a dirty environment that can lead to allergic reactions such as sneezing and coughing.

Maintain a Home’s Heating and Cooling Equipment

Make sure to change your home’s air conditioner or furnace filter at least once a month to help remove dust from the air. Instead of buying a basic air filter, opt to use a high-efficiency particulate air filter that captures the tiniest particles of pollen and household dust.

Have Your Home’s Air Ducts Cleaned by a Professional

There is a good chance that your home’s ductwork is lined with debris such as cobwebs and pet dander. Hire a professional technician to clean the debris from the air ducts with suctioning equipment to have a home that is cleaner on a daily basis.

Seal Holes and Crevices to Keep Dust from Entering

Dirt can enter your home through tiny crevices and holes that are located around windows and doorframes. Use foam insulation or liquid caulking to seal the openings where dust enters, and also, make sure to seal any holes and crevices that are outside a home.

Get Rid of the Clutter That Is Inside Your Home

If you have a lot of clutter inside a home, then the items will collect dust, leading to more housework. Begin by sorting through the clothing or other items that are inside a bedroom’s closet. Give away or sell unneeded items, and use plastic totes to store seasonal clothing and mementos.

Buy an Air Purifier for Your Home

Have a large air purification system attached to your home’s climate-control equipment if you own a home, or buy a portable air purifier for an apartment or rental house. The filter inside an air purifier will capture more dust inside your home, especially while you are cleaning.

Use the Best Cleaning Equipment and Cleansers

To keep the dust out of a home, invest in quality cleaning equipment and cleansers that will capture debris quickly. Buy a vacuum cleaner that has a high-efficiency particulate air filter along with finding new brooms, sponge mops and microfiber cloths. Remember to begin cleaning a room from the ceiling with a cloth to ensure that the dust that filters to the floor is removed while mopping and vacuuming.

Wash Everyone’s Bedding Once a Week

A lot of the dust that is inside a home is from the skin flakes that everyone sheds on sheets and blankets at night. The best way to keep this debris from falling on floors or filtering through the air to land on furniture is by washing the bedding each week.

Maintain a Clean Home Environment

To keep dust away from your home, maintain a sanitary environment by cleaning on a weekly basis, even if it’s just light cleaning or a maid service to help maintain things. Have a home’s carpets shampooed once a year, and take rugs outside to shake them out to get rid of dust and debris. Use a damp cloth to clean furniture and other objects that capture dust rather than a dry paper towel that pushes the debris onto the floor.

Hopefully these tips will help to cut down on allergies, head colds and save some cleaning time on a regular basis.

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