Saturday, May 07, 2016

Mark Your Calendar: Disney Junior's Kate & Mim-Mim May Episodes

Monday 5/9/16, 8PM, Disney Junior
Boomer’s Blanky - Thanks to Tack’s new Load Lightener invention, Boomer’s blanky has given him super strength! But when Boomer’s blanky flies away, Boomer thinks he’ll never be super again.

Boogedie Bear Hair - It’s time for a haircut! But Kate likes her long hair. Gobble needs a haircut too—his fur coat has grown so long that his friends keep mistaking him for a scary boogedie bear and running away from him! Plus, it’s a hot summer day—he’s hot under all that fur!

Monday 5/16/16, 8PM, Disney Junior
The Mimiloo Clubhouse - Kate and the gang are building a fun new clubhouse, big enough to fit all of their Mimiloo friends at once! But when the clubhouse turns out all crooked, it’s up to Kate to rally the team and fix the clubhouse in time for the Mimiloo Day celebration!

The Fluff Between Your Ears - Kate can’t remember where she left Mim-Mim’s toy train. Tack is having the same problem—he can’t find his favourite Fixer-Upper tool! Mim-Mim used it last, but can’t remember where he left it. To recover Mim-Mim’s lost memory, Tack transports the gang inside Mim-Mim’s fluffy brain!

Monday 5/23/16, 8PM, Disney Junior
Mim-Mim the Movie - Kate wants to surprise Dad with something extra special! Mim-Mim is in for a surprise of his own in Mimiloo, where his friends are making a movie. Mim-Mim has always wanted to be in a movie, but his friends keep him so busy, he misses his chance to be on camera!

The Sky is Falling - Kate is missing the last piece in her glow-in-the-dark puzzle! In Mimiloo, she faces a similar problem when Tack’s Puzzle Popper invention makes the sky start falling down in puzzle pieces—a problem soon made worse by Boomer’s fear of the dark!

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