Thursday, March 03, 2016

Get Cooking with the Best Restaurant Patio Furniture

What makes your restaurant stand apart from the competition?

For some in this industry, it is food that is nothing short of spectacular. Others have a dining setting that patrons love to visit time and time again. Still others have customer service that is second to none.

When you put all those traits of a fine restaurant together, you are likely to have an eatery that is doing solid business and racking up great revenue.

So, does your eatery have all these factors going for it? If not, where are some areas to improve on in 2016 and beyond?

Food, Service and Setting
To start with, look at your food choices and see what is popular and what may need some replacing on the menu.

In a day and age when more consumers are at least stating they are watching what they eat, make sure you offer a well-balanced selection of meals.

For starters, do you offer vegetarian selections for part of your customer base? If not, it would behoove you to consider such options.

Another focal point is having a wide selection of meals on your menu. Keep in mind that not everyone who comes into your establishment wants a three or even five course meal. Having smaller selections on the menu will appeal to many guests. 

The same also holds true for your drink selections.

While there are some chain restaurants in particular nationwide that do not have liquor licenses, the majority of restaurants do. With that said, have myriad of beers, wines and harder liquor for your crowd to choose from.

Service with a Smile
As important as the food is for any successful restaurant, the service is right up there too.
You can have the tastiest meals in the neighborhood, but sloppy and slow service can be killers for your business.

When hiring new talent, look for those individuals who are personable and get how important a personality is in the restaurant business. 

If an employee doesn’t care for people all that much and/or is short with them, your patrons won’t be in a big rush to come back. 

Sure, it might just be one or two of your waiters, waitresses or hostesses who are like that, but it just takes one bad experience with an employee to leave doubts in the minds of diners.

Comfortable Seating is a Must
How much stock do you also put in making sure your patrons are comfortably seated when they come to your restaurant?

Sure, food and service are right at the top of the list in importance, but you don’t want chairs, tables, booths etc. that make for an unpleasant sitting experience when diners drop by for an hour or two at your eatery.

Having weather resistant restaurant patio furniture for those dining outdoors, comfortable booths where diners do not feel like they’re on top of one another and relaxing chairs at tables inside, are all critical to an overall good dining experience. 

Give your restaurant furniture reviews every so often to see how it is holding up and if it may be time to replace some or all of it. The same holds true for your carpeting and also the painting and pictures you have on your walls.

One way to go about seeing how your restaurant is doing is visiting other eateries around town to see how they cater to patrons when it comes to food, service, comfort etc. Just as comfort in your home is important to you, it should also be a high priority with your dining guests.

With all that in mind, how would you say your restaurant is doing in terms of meeting al these important measuring sticks?

Take some time to sit down (with your staff) and review how you are doing in these areas.
If you are coming up short in one or all of these areas, make plans to fix where the shortcomings are. That way you can put your restaurant in a position to maximize its potential, giving you happy customers and an even better revenue stream in 2016.
When it comes to running a restaurant, there are many areas where you can and should be cooking up a storm.

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