Sunday, February 28, 2016

Create Your Very Own Snoopy - Turn Your Pet Into A Peanut Pet

Dog owners, rejoice! In celebration of the March 8th release of THE PEANUTS MOVIE on Blu-ray and DVD, you can now give your own furry friend a digital makeover in the style of Charlie Brown's canine companion.

PEANUTIZE ME, the website that took the Internet by storm last fall allowing fans to create their own members of the Peanuts gang, has received an upgrade. Users now have the option to get their pets in on the fun with a new SNOOPYTIZE function. Customize Snoopy in dozens of fun ways to make him look like the four-legged creatures in your life!

The Beast from The Sandlot

Santa's Little Helper from "The Simpsons

Marley from Marley and Me

Here I am as a Peanut. Let me see you or your pet by sharing it on my Facebook wall with the hashtag #

Have fun! Enjoy.


  1. I love this fun activity. But then I love anything that involves Snoopy.

  2. Snoopy is adorable and this is just the cutest!


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