Thursday, September 24, 2015

Why Did I Not Know That I Could Sleep Like A Princess - Sheet Set GIVEAWAY

I never put much thought into my sheets. I simply needed something to cover the mattress and something to sleep under. What the material or threat count never mattered to me. Hey, I grew up with parents who struggled and like so many of my friends, luxury is not an option. I have what I need and I need what I have pretty much sums up my linen closet. As long as the sheets were clean I was happy. I've even purchased used sheets and have taken hand-me-down sheets before. Never seemed like much of a problem until I met....

Maybe like me you have no idea who they are. After this, I hope you check them out.

Cariloha Bamboo contacted me and asked if I would like to try out their sheets. I was totally game. Why not??! I have a ton of sheets that are old, have various small stains or bleach marks. Who couldn't use a set of sheets?

I was happy to get them. I really was. BUT when they arrived I was totally floored. They came in these boxes which by the way we are using to store things some of the kids school work this year. They are so sturdy boxes. Each kid has a box with their name on it, it will store all their art work, doodles, notes, and tests for the year or whatever else the kids want to put in.

When I opened the box I saw this.....a king size duvet cover. WOW...the color is stunning and I've never had a duvet cover before. Perfect because I only have one comforter and it would be nice to change it, plus it is a little older and now it can get covered up.

It is in Blue Lagoon and feels like heaven. I cannot believe the quality of this. I never knew there was such a difference in sheets.

When they say it is the softest, they are NOT lying. Why is it soft you asked? Well, let me tell is made from 100% bamboo products.

Here is the technical stuff Cariloha says on their website:

Cariloha - Stay Cool, Wear Bamboo!™

  • Soft: Cariloha bamboo apparel, bedding and bath goods are twice as soft as cotton. 
  • Cool: Bamboo is 3 degrees cooler than cotton and wicks moisture away from your body.
  • Clean & Green: Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and one of the most sustainable resources on the planet.
 “Environmentalists hailing bamboo as the new ‘It’ plant for saving the earth.”– New York Times
“Because it is so exotically soft, bamboo is often marketed alongside luxury fibers like silk and cashmere.” – Wall Street Journal

Cariloha Bamboo™ fabrics are made from bamboo viscose, rayon from bamboo, polyester from bamboo or bamboo charcoal.

Their products have a lifetime quality guarantee which makes me very excited because I LOVE them and hope to have them around for a long time. PLUS, I would love to get these as gifts for my in-laws and sister-in-law who just purchased a home, I know they will love them as much as we do and I feel confident that Cariloha products will go the distance.

Here is what I like most:
  • They are so comfortable
  • They breath. We used to keep our ceiling fan on at night because it always felt too warm to be comfortable. Since putting the sheets on, we haven't had to. So strange that these sheets are saving me money on power. 
  • They fit my pillow cover, king size mattress like no other sheet we've ever had. Since getting a thicker, king size mattress, our kind size sheets seem way too small. I can barely get the fitted sheets on the bed and every morning one of the corners is undone and the mattress is showing. Not with Cariloha. They completely fit the mattress and there is no way they will ever come off. They literally wrap around it with way more material then any other sheet in my linen closet.  
  • We feel like we are sleeping like a king and queen. We both make a noise the moment we get into bed. Somewhere between a sigh and a whimper. It is heaven.
 My daughter helped me make the bed the first day we got them and this is where I found her three hours later.

Broad daylight laying in my bed, fast asleep. She is now insisting on one for her bed.

Cariloha doesn't only have sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers but they also have:
  • Bath towels
  • Bath Mats
  • Robes
  • Blankets
  • Crib Sheets
  • Receiving Blankets
  • Onesies
  • Socks
  • Tops (men and women)
  • Bottoms (men and women)
  • Handbags
  • Scarves
  • Sandals 
I can only imagine what the clothes and baby things feel like. HEAVEN. I know I've used the word in this post before but it truly feels like that.

The products range from $12.00 to $240.00

If you have a wedding, anniversary, baby, birthday, engagement gift, etc., you need to get, check out Cariloha.
To Win:

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered. 


  1. robyn frazier7:01 PM

    love the tshirts!

  2. I would love to also own the Bamboo Throw Blanket - Harbor Gray! I bet it is so soft.

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  8. I like the Bamboo Towel set....looks nice and soft

  9. I would like Bamboo Dolman - Hibiscus Sketch - Jade.

  10. Sandy Cain7:32 PM

    I also love the Bamboo V-Neck Tee Shirt in Black. It's so sexy and looks so comfortable and soft. And it goes with everything!

  11. I like the Bamboo Training Shorts - Black. Thanks.

  12. I like the Bamboo Stock Pique Polo Shirt!

  13. the Bamboo Genesis Dress- Black/Gray is very cute

    tiramisu392 (at)

  14. I would love to get the Bath Sheets or Bath Towels, they look nice! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  15. I would love the Bamboo Duvet Cover in Graphite, looks so beautiful!

    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  16. I also love that they sale Bamboo Crib Sheets!

  17. Anonymous12:34 PM

    I would love the Bamboo Bath Robe!

  18. Anonymous12:38 PM

    I love the Bamboo Robe!

  19. I love their Bamboo bath towels!

  20. Bamboo Throw Blanket in the sand color!

  21. I would love the sports bra in bamboo because I need more.

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  27. I like the bamboo scoop tee blue lagoon

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  29. I would love to have the bamboo towels. Thank you for the entry.

  30. Long Sleeve Bodysuit - Lace Dot is really cute.

  31. I also love the Bambool Dolman graphic shirt RetroCariloha in Jade


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