No More Guessing Which Wine Glass Is Yours! #glassmarkers

I love markers lately I have been writing one everything with my Happy Playful glass markers but nowhere more than my wine glass!

Have you ever been to a party where everyone has the same wine glass but you never know which one is yours? Even the parties I go to where the hostess is nice enough to provide charms. We all forget which charm is ours! It may be the wine talking for some but I am not a big drinker and can never remember if I am the boot or the purse or the lipstick! UGH...which is why I have started carrying my box of markers with me. 

With these markers we can all write our name on them or whatever phrase or picture we want and everyone will know whose glass is whose. Best part about these markers is you can use them on wine glasses, red solo cups, water bottles or even Capri Sun juice bags. Whatever. No more guessing. No more spreading germs or sharing backwash. I skeeve all of that stuff. 

I love that if the mood rises I can leave a message on the bathroom mirror (like hey, put a new roll on if you use the last bit) or my kids bedroom window (MAKE YOUR BED), the fridge (milk, bread, eggs) or even a windshield (Park A Little Closer Next Time).

These are so easy to use. A few simple pumps and the ink flows. They dry really quick too!

Write like you would with a marker and allow to try. When you are done with your drink, wipe the marker away and clean your glass as normal. 

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product at a deep discount for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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