Holiday Budgeting Tips for Kids #onevanilla

It's coming as much as I would like to hold it off and enjoy the end of Summer! We start saving for Christmas in July and know that sticking to a budget is important and takes planning.

Now that my kids are getting older they want to do their own shopping for the people in their lives and I couldn't be happier but getting them to stick to a plan especially when their concept of money is very small takes time, patience and the power of educating them that's why I love the idea of giving them a credit card for spending rather than allowing them cash in hand or the use of my credit card. which is why I am excited about OneVanilla

OneVanilla is a prepaid debit card that let's consumers add any amount between $20-$500 to a card. It can be used anywhere VISA is accepted which is pretty much everywhere. 

The idea is to use the prepaid card as a way to safely manage your holiday spending. You use the card to shop AND the way the world is these days this is the safest way to protect yourself from Identity Theft!

How a prepaid debit card like OneVanilla works is you load it with a certain amount, the first time you use the card you will enter a code of your choice at the machine you are using it at and that is now your debit pin number for this card. 

Why This Is The Best Way To Teach Your Kids To Shop Within A Budget:
  • Pre-paid cards are a safe alternative to cash. Cash is lost and it is gone! A credit card can be frozen and reissued.
  • You cannot overspend - You set the limit based on what you put on the card. Once spent, you are done!
  • Will teach kids the ways of digital spending which they will need to know when they get older
  • NO credit card debt after the holiday from overspending!
  • Giving them exposure to credit cards at a young age may help them never get themselves into debt when they are older.
  • This is a great way to teach kids that credit cards aren't free money. They will have a balance and need to be sure they have the appropriate money on the card for each purchase. They will watch the available balance go down and hopefully learn the concept of money. It is only there when it's there. No one has a money tree and when your balance is zero. You can't spend!
  • WAY SAFER than handing over your credit card with a larger limit.
Where Can You Get A OneVanilla?

Dollar General 

I love this idea and will be using it way more than I do now. I have always used pre-paid cards for myself when I have to make an online purchase or when away.  We had some credit card fraud in the past and it took months to get our money back. Using a pre-paid card feels much safer to us. We usually have one in our wallets. 
Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion.

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