Monday, August 10, 2015

Eliminate Odors Without The Use Of Dangerous Chemicals #HappyHealthyOdorFree

Fresh Wave products entirely eliminate bad smells without relying on harmful chemicals. Instead, our products are made of natural ingredients, so they're safe to use around people and pets.

We received a sample package of Fresh Wave Odor Removing Products from Freshwaveworks. Included in the package was a spray, a 6 pack of odor removing packs and a gel.

There are no  harsh chemical used in this very interesting! In fact, the only ingredients used is water and essential plant oils.

We use the spray on everything. Since it is non toxic and can be used on everything including your clothing or shoes if necessary. I wish I could tell you what the scent is. I have literally no idea. It is a woodsy, citrusy kind of smell.

We use the packs in our cars. Using a small clip I have attached it to my air conditioning vent so it smells through the whole car.

And the gel, has a decorative top that allows the eliminating crystals to do their job with the lid on! LOVE IT!

The crystals look like ice!  I keep it downstairs in my family room to keep the room smelling fresh and damp odor free!

We love this product and feel very safe using it.

FreshWave has many products including:

A drain and disposal eliminator (I so could use that for my drain)
Pet Shampoos
Soy Candles
Vacuum Pearls
Baby Products
Carpet Powder
And More!

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You can Purchase Fresh Wave odor eliminating products online and starting August 16th grab some at your local Target!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary shipment of products for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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