Monday, June 08, 2015

Your New Bed Time Tradition - TOUCH THE BRIGHTEST STAR & LAMP #Giveaway

HarperCollins Children's Books, is proud to announce the publication of Touch the Brightest Star (ages 2-6) -- an ingenious, interactive picture book that is "no-tech", yet page after page children touch, tap, blink, and whisper to make magic happen in the nighttime sky.

What happens while you're sleeping? With lush, beautiful watercolors and cut-paper collage, Christie Matheson reveals the magic of the nighttime sky, using the same kinds of toddler-perfect interactive elements as her acclaimed Tap the Magic Tree. Wave good-bye to the sun, gently press the firefly, make a wish on a star, rub the owls on their heads, and . . . shhhh. No two readings of this book will be the same. That, along with the gentle, soothing rhythm, makes Touch the Brightest Star a bedtime winner—no matter how many times you and your child read it.

  "A charming bedtime story.” — School Library Journal
" A delightful bedtime book that encourage both imaginative play and restorative rest" - Kirkus
“This exploration of the word at night should be inviting to even the very youngest children, who will also enjoy its imagination-fueled and child-powered interactivity.” — The Horn Book
The 411 by Maria:

Goddess read this book to me after I read a few to her. In this beautiful book full of colorful, full page illustrations that look like a soft, watercolor with minimal details like a white birch tree and and animal or two a bedtime story takes on a whole new feel.

The sentence on the page asks you to rub an owls head, tap the sky beside the tree, blink your eyes, and more.  This is a wonderful, gentle, loving way to put a child to sleep and I believe children and parents will look forward to reading this nightly.

It's as if you are saying goodbye to the world around you for the night followed by a black page that just says Shhhhhh and the last, a start to a whole new, glorious day.

What we love:

The illustrations. Nice subdued, minimal, whimsical, adorable. There are no stimulating pictures to wake tired minds up.

The instructions provide easy listening skills that make for subtle interactions so your little one feels they are contributing to the storytelling.

Dream like passages and illustrations ease the mind into rest mode with the gradual change from daytime to nighttime.

We believe this will quickly become a family tradition that you and your little one will enjoy before bed.

To Purchase:

To Win:

The publisher has offered a giveaway copy for one of my readers.


Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was offered or received. I received a complimentary copy for my honest opinion. 


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