Saturday, March 14, 2015

Keeping Our Kids Safe with OurPact App #childsafety #cybersafety

Do you have a child who spends all of their time on a device? While I am all for my child benefiting from the technology she has access to, I definitely do not want her neglecting her other responsibilities or spending all of her time online. So when I heard about the new iOS app, OurPact,  I knew I had found exactly what I needed!

Created by ParentWare, OurPact is the latest parental control/device management app that enables parents to manage all of their family's devices on one easy-to-use platform. The app takes just minutes to set up, is very easy to use, and lets you to easily block your child's access to internet and apps, and to schedule their device usage according to their daily routine.

Once downloaded, you simply set-up your account, then follow the simple on-screen instructions to pair your device with your child's. Once the devices are paired you can go in and begin creating schedules and blocks. It doesn't matter how many devices you child has, as long as you give a different name for each device you can manage them all! 

OurPact offers two types of blocks: manual and scheduled. With a scheduled block, you can restrict app and internet usage on your child's device during any given time frame by creating a schedule. You can name the schedule, set the start and end times, and select the days of the week and/or weekend you want the block enforced. You can also set up as many schedules as you like. For example, you can set one up for homework time, another for gymnastics and yet another for family time. 

The second type of block is a manual block. This allows you to block (or unblock) their usage with the simple push of a button instead of having to alter the entire schedule. This type of block takes effect as soon as you push the button, and will remain that way until you unblock it. When your child is blocked, their third party apps and internet access buttons will disappear from their screen so there is no way they can sneak around it! 

One of my favorite things about OurPact is this ability to block the internet. As all parents know, most search engines are not set up to filter out inappropriate responses. Because of this a younger - or very curious - child can easily click on any link that could take them to a page filled with inappropriate images, videos or even strangers trying to talk to them. OurPact is a great way to help me keep my child safe!

Another great thing about OurPact is that it is absolutely free! Find it for download in the iTunes app store. And for those of you with Android devices, keep an eye out because they are working on adding it soon! Want to learn more about OurPact?  Visit the ParentsWare website.

This app review has been brought to you by and ParentsWare.

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