Who Doesn't Like Free Stuff?

Hey it's the holidays and we could all use a little extra in our pockets or wallets. I just joined Listia to see what it's all about because I heard you can make money by getting rid of the stuff you no longer want. The Listia community is made up of people from all over the world who transform their excess items into things they love & actually use, for free. 

Basically you sell your stuff that you no longer want for stuff you do want.

It can be done in three easy steps:
  1. Declutter and toss anything you no longer want or need into box
  2. Turn it into credits which you get when other Listia folks win your auction listings (kind of like Ebay.
  3. Reward yourself with something you love, want or need.
Sounds easy to me. I can't wait to start and I already took the first step and signed up...now it is your turn...go to Listia sign up and declutter. Time is a wasting! I already raked in 250 points just for signing up. 

Good luck everyone! Let's declutter and get some things we love!!!

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  1. Sandy Cain3:41 PM

    Hi, I just joined Listia in the past few days, and you're right - they do seem to have a nice set-up, with a bonus point listing just for joining up. It is going to work out well for me, I think - like the world's largest swap meet! (Which I alsways love swap meets). A little like ebay, but it seems the options are bestter with Listia! I look forward to this a lot! (especially now, right Christmas, people are sure to want to swap/trade/sell some gifts they got, for others they REALLY want!) : )


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