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Three Easy DIY Home Safety Hacks

Since your home is your place of comfort, it is important it is protected from outside dangers. Because of the expense of many home security tools, many people forego the security, leaving their home vulnerable to attacks. However, protecting your home does not need to be an elaborate or an expensive process. With a bit of elbow grease, you can easily provide additional security to your home.

Here Are Three Budget-Friendly DIY Home Security Hacks:

1. Home Security System
Despite the common misconception that home security systems are expensive, installing a home alarm can be very cost-effective. Home security systems outfitted with all of the bells and whistles are indeed pricey; however, there are basic security alarms you can install that simply alert you when an intruder has entered. In fact, some systems are basic enough that they can be an easy DIY weekend project.

To find the best price on alarms, check out Regardless of whether it is installed by the security company or by hand, having a system can provide you with the peace of mind your home is protected.

Additionally, adding a home security sign in your window or out front can prevent intruders. Research has proven that burglars are less likely to break into a home with a home security sign, as they do not want to risk triggering the alarm and getting caught by the police.  

2. Lock It Up
When moving into a new place, one of the best preventative measures you can take is to install brand new locks. Any rogue keys that might be in the hands of the former owner’s friends or acquaintances are no longer a threat to your safety and privacy.

Furthermore, be sure to lock your doors and windows. Forgetting to keep them locked is an easy habit to get into, especially if you live in a location you feel is secure. No matter how secure the area appears, locking your doors and windows is crucial to your safety. It is an easy security measure you can take, which can prevent an attack from happening. Burglars who have scouted the neighborhood will take advantage of homes that have open windows and unlocked doors.

3. Curb Appeal
Overgrown bushes and trees provide ample coverage for a burglar trying to stealthily break into a home. Keeping the outside of your home well manicured makes it difficult for an intruder to break into a home without drawing any attention. If there is any large foliage near windows, try your best to keep them as neatly trimmed as possible in order to keep your home as secure as possible.

Likewise, install outdoor lights. If there is light surrounding the outside of the home, neighbors can spot intruders easily or those driving down the street. Also, consider installing motion-censored lights. If there is any activity near the outside of the home, the lights will signal on, which will deter a burglar from breaking into your home.

When it comes to the safety of your home and family, taking preventative measures is always a wise idea.

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  1. A home security system is a must when wanting to feel safe and keep criminals from breaking in. I use a lot of lighting and make sure to lock up all the windows and doors. Someone in our neighborhood left a door unlocked and got robbed!

  2. These are some great tips! I never thought about #3 but you have a very valid point.

  3. Anonymous1:08 PM

    A home security system is always a great thing to have. I would always want to feel safe when i am home or away from home.

  4. My house was broken into years ago and I have been very conscious of safety ever since. Than you for the tips and information.

  5. nice to know about the diy system so helpful and can give you peace of mind.

  6. I am one of those people who feels to secure where I live. I never lock my doors or windows and more often than not my keys are left in my car in my driveway. My New Years resolution is to change these bad habits of mine. I have come to realize that no town is secure enough to risk my safety.

  7. These are some great tips. I never thought to change the locks when moving, good tip. :)

  8. These are great tips for making you feel secure! As someone who's had their home broken into it is very important. Thank you for these tips.


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