Music Alert - Snowapple Is Worth A Listen If You Like Musical Voices!

For Immediate Release - San Francisco, CA --- DECEMBER 18, 2014 --- Dutch composers, singers and multi-instrumentalists Laurien, Una and Laura comprise budding folk-inspired three piece SNOWAPPLE.    They release their sophomore album ILLUSION via Zip Records on March 10th, 2015 and are set to tour the world in support.  They start off in the UK in February.

ILLUSION holds eleven tracks that are connecting sonic strands of a modern fairytale.   Laurien, Una and Laura use adjectives like “enchanting, alluring and beguiling…..with a few perilous twists along the way” to describe the record and title itself.

Effortless, melodic and adroit are more adjectives to add.  The trio’s consummate folk influences brightly colors their growing catalogue that resembles a reflective and warm patchwork quilt.    Snowapple experiments with incorporating influences of electronica, contemporary jazz, krautrock and classical music while simultaneously attempting to craft the perfect pop song.

Drawing on uncommonly disparate musical backgrounds, Laura, Laurien and Una form a remarkable ensemble.  Their three central voices merge into majestic harmonies and then peel off into soaring solo peregrinations to complete what is an e'r evolving and simply glorious listening experience.

During the making of ILLUSION, SNOWAPPLE worked with a number of different producers, including Chris Hamilton (Kate Nash), Roald van Oosten (Martin Crimp), Biff Roxby (The Bedlam Six, Liz Green, Honeyfeet), Daniel Schaub (Jack Beauregard, Casper) and Joeri Saal (Spinvis, Paul Weller).  ILLUSION releases to the UK on February 3, 2015  via Debt Records and to the US, Canada and Europe via Zip Records, March 10th, 2015.

The 411:

I love female vocalists. The trio definitely have a distinct style and sound. Their voices are very musical. They wouldn't even need the instrument to sound like music. I like the way they use their voices together and the folksy, bluesy sound is interesting but not for everyone. If you enjoy listening to voices, folk music, and appreciate the non top 40 music out there, you will enjoy this.

Check out one of their video's here

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