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Network Premiere Monday, January 19 at 5/4c
In this high-spirited family comedy, a kindly clan of Scottish vampires befriends a California kid who's far from home, a boy who may become “the little vampire.”   


Premieres continue Saturdays at 12:30/11:30c
Blythe lives in the big city, right above the LITTLEST PET SHOP, a day-camp for all types of pets. Her adventures begin when she discovers that she can talk to the animals and joins them on fantastical adventures filled with music.
·         Room Enough premieres Saturday, January 3 at 12:30/11:30c A kitten visitor to the day camp peppers the pets with a stream of never-ending “why's” while Blythe wonders the same thing about her frilly bedroom after she sees an article in a magazine about the latest trends in teen rooms.
·         Why Can’t We Be Friends? premieres Saturday, January 10 at 12:30/11:30c Blythe hits it off with a fashion-minded girl at a thrift shop and neglects her "old friends," while Vinnie befriends a genial spider but must hide him from arachnophobic Sunil.
·         Pet Sounds premieres Saturday, January 17 at 12:30/11:30c Blythe and the pets must help Minka’s cousin Cheep-Cheep, who mistakenly thinks his scientist owner has invented a helmet that allows pets to talk to humans.
·         The Sister Story premieres Saturday, January 24 at 12:30/11:30c When Roger’s super competitive sister, Mo, comes for a visit, their need to constantly one-up each other gets out of control.
·         A Night at the Pawza premieres Saturday, January 31 at 12:30/11:30c Blythe and Mrs. Twombly help a friend try to transform her rundown pet hotel into a showplace, while Fisher Biskit is determined to shut the place down.



Network premiere Friday, January 9 at 7/6c
A paranormal expert and his daughter bunk in an abandoned house populated by three mischievous ghosts and one friendly one.
Network premiere Saturday, January 8 at 5/4c
SPACE CHIMPS is an animated intergalactic comedy that highlights the antics of astronaut chimps with the "wrong stuff."


New Series Premieres Friday, January 2 at 10/9c
Forensic archeologist, Scotty Moore, takes us back in time as he plays detective to try and solve mysterious deaths.
·         Egyptian Mystery Coffin premieres Friday, January 2 at 10/9c Why is there a mysterious unmarked coffin inside the crypt of a once powerful ancient Egyptian? Archeological detective Scotty Moore travels 7,000 miles to the world-famous Egyptian City of the Dead to find out.
·         Death in the Castle premieres Friday, January 9 at 10/9c Archeological detective Scotty Moore travels to England to the ancient Bamburgh Castle to investigate an ancient – and mysterious – death.
·         Viking Murder Mystery premieres Friday, January 16 at 10/9c Archeological detective Scotty Moore races to the Arctic Circle to investigate a rare Viking skeleton and potentially solve an ancient crime.
·         The Secret Queen of the Pacific premieres Friday, January 23 at 10/9c Scotty travels to the middle of the Pacific to investigate the extraordinary burial of a 50-year-old woman in the long-deserted village of Ngerieleb on the island of Koror, in the Republic of Palau.
·         Secrets and Lies in the Monastery premieres Friday, January 30 at 10/9c A startling discovery within the ruins of a 16th century monastery in Iceland has archeological detective Scotty racing to the scene.
New Series Premieres Tuesday, January 6 at 8/7c
From the inventors to the workers on the factory floor, this series tells the real story behind the creation of the stuff we use every day. Each 30-minute episode, tells the amazing stories of three everyday objects – from the inventor's story and history, to designs and prototypes, and finally to the factory floor where the workers tell how the product is made.
·          Louisville Slugger/Spa/Excursion Vest premieres Tuesday, January 6 at 8/7c
·         Herman Miller Chair/Fender Strat/Parka premieres Tuesday, January 6 at 8:30/7:30c
·         Stetson/Luggage/Inflatable Boat premieresTuesday, January 13 at 8/7c
·         Cast Iron Skillet/Pool Table/Turntable premieres Tuesday, January 20 at 8/7c
·         Leatherman Tool/ Wine Aerator/Fireplace premieres Tuesday, January 27 at 8/7c
New Series Premieres Tuesday, January 6 at 9/8c
Explosive experts Dr. Braden Lusk and Dr. Paul Worsey travel the globe to see how the biggest demolitions are accomplished-- and how they could be done better.
·         Bridge Busters premieres Tuesday, January 6 at 9/8c Our blasting team tackles two of the most dangerous demolitions in the world - find out what happens when the demolitions don’t go quite as planned!
·         Beach Front Blow Up premieres Tuesday, January 13 at 9/8c How do you blast a hotel built to withstand a hurricane? Find out as our demolition crews take down the nastiest hotel in Bermuda!
·         Smokestack Smashup premieres Tuesday, January 20 at 9/8c Explosive teams in Toronto and Chicago take on massive smokestacks – but who wins? Meanwhile a team in the UK is left puzzling over how best to flatten an old bottling factory.
·         Break the Bank premieres Tuesday, January 27 at 9/8c How do you detonate a bank building ravaged by fire, located right in the middle of a busy street and built next to a much-loved church? Find out as our explosives experts attempt unthinkable take downs!
New Episodes Premiere Back-to-Back on Thursdays at 8/7c and 8:30/7:30c
FUNNIEST PETS & PEOPLE is a fast-paced animal series that showcases funny home videos of pets and people of all ages.


Premieres continue Mondays at 8/7c
The ocean is a mirror - reflecting all the wonders and mysteries of life - and the deeper we look, the more we see ourselves. OCEAN MYSTERIES WITH JEFF CORWIN features unique creatures, exotic locations and fascinating stories that quickly draw the whole family into the journeys that Jeff and the Georgia Aquarium team of experts take as they unlock the mysteries of the ocean.
·         Exploration Tahiti premieres Monday, January 5 at 8/7c Jeff travels to the remote islands of Tahiti to explore the animal wonders that call this tropical paradise home.  Jeff works with rescuers fighting to save Tahiti's sea turtles and also dives in the crystal ocean to find coral reefs, stingrays, and schools of hungry sharks!
·         The Endangered Coral of Curacao premieres Monday, January 5 at 8:30/7:30c Jeff races to a tropical paradise to save the endangered coral of Curacao Island. Diving into the dark ocean after midnight, Jeff witnesses the wonder of coral spawning and works with rescuers to prevent species extinction.
·         The Hunt for Lionship premieres Monday, January 12 at 8/7c Jeff boards a deep-water submarine on the hunt for an elusive and destructive species called Lionfish. Jeff joins biologists racing to remove these invading fish from the ocean as quickly as possible before they cause permanent damage to the Atlantic ecosystem.
·         Best of the Pinnipeds premieres Monday, January 12 at 8:30/7:30c Jeff revisits some of his favorite moments from the series with a special group of marine mammals called Pinnipeds.  Join Jeff on an adventure across the Pacific Ocean as he explores Harbor Seals from Alaska, Sea Lions from New Zealand, Elephant Seals from California, and Monk Seals from Hawaii.

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