Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hallmark Channel Series When Calls the Heart Continues To Enchant

“absolutley beautiful and very entertaining” -Movie Guide

When Calls The Heart

“Change of Heart”

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The 411 by Maria:

We have written about What Calls The Heart before when we reviewed the first movie from the series. We don't have The Hallmark Channel so we have to wait for the movie to come out on DVD.

The kids were off yesterday so I sat down to watch this beautiful series starring Lori Loughlin from Full House. 

The mining town has been trying to rebuild itself since the mining accident took many of the men and life is trying to get back to semblance of normal. 

Fans will be happy to see that Elizabeth and her Mounty Jack are taking their relationship to a new level while Elizabeth's younger sister drops into town.

What I love most is how sweet, quiet and lovely this series is. It reminds me of my childhood and the shows that were on TV while I was a child.

This is a show you can watch with your whole family without fear that a curse or slang word will be dropped. There will be no uncomfortable, sexy scenes that you hope are over your kids head while you squirm in your seat waiting for the scene to end. No my friend! This is a lovely show where girls are modest and men are gentlemen. Even when they are thinking of "courting" a woman or trying to use her in the case of this particular movie (there is a bad group of thieving men), the scene doesn't take on a despicable overly sexist position and the woman does get the last word with a slap on his cheek.

Thanks Michael Landon Jr and Hallmark for continuing to make family friendly movies and shows that you can watch even if your kids are awake!

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