A Whole New Digital Marketing For The Masses - Is This Where Advertising Is Going?

Do you have something that you just need to shout from the roof top? No need to get a sky writer and anyway who has money to spend on something that disappears into the air the moment it is written?!

Fret no more because you can advertise your business, or make an announcement that will reach the masses by way of Zeusvision!

It's so cool! Billboards don't have to stay affixed to a building anymore! Now they roll through town where passengers, drivers and pedestrians can see them.

From Zeusvision:

The Problem

For the average person, outdoor advertising/messaging in big cities is a cost prohibitive endeavor. The problem with outdoor advertising for small companies (or individuals) below the Fortune 500 threshold is that large companies have identified the good locations to advertise and have put a fence around them by virtue of their cash. This makes it incredibly difficult for the small business or individual to get their message out to the public. For instance on Hollywood or Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles the ad spends are so ridiculously high that you could send your child to an Ivy League college for the cost of one month of advertising.

Our belief at Zeusvision is (more than anything) people want to be recognized and they want to be heard. This assumption is evidenced by the millions of comments and tweets posted to social media sites and blogs daily, not counting the bloggers themselves.

As you are well aware most all forms of influential commercial media (TV, outdoor, radio, print) are controlled by large corporations almost exclusively. The voice of the people generally finds its way out to the public through Facebook, Twitter, or the comment section on the bottom of a blog. However none of these social media outlets carry the same gravitas as traditional media outlets, hence the saying, “If it didn’t happen on TV it didn’t happen.” So not only do big corporations control the major media channels, they also control the authority. Authority is ascribed to a media channel based on it’s location (e.g., Times Square, Channel 4, or People Magazine). Once your ad or message is on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills the perception of the viewer is that you have “arrived;” you wouldn’t be there if you didn’t belong there. An exclusive ad location (e.g., billboard on Rodeo Drive) itself lends credence and gravitas to the ad that a lesser location cannot deliver. 

Location, location, location

Historically and up to this very day landlords rule premium real estate. From the landlords of the Roman Empire to the multibillion dollar REITs of today, premium real estate where signage is placed is in the hands of the mega-wealthy land owners. Like it or not outdoor advertising in big cities is an elitist business.

We believe that everyone should have access to media

Zeusvision levels the playing field by introducing an advertising/personal messaging platform designed to allow the average person or business owner to get their message out to the most influential groups of people in the most sought after geographic locations for a price that basically anyone can afford. Zeusvision Public will have packages starting at just $99. The pricing structure democratizes outdoor advertising in a way that has never been done before. All of a sudden big city outdoor advertising becomes accessible to virtually everyone. What AdWords did for online advertising is what Zeusvision does for outdoor advertising. However we do not have an auction pricing structure (like Adwords) that favors those with the most money.

Users can visit the Zeusvision ad scheduler and upload their content, then pick the days and frequency they want their ad to run and pay for it with their credit card. Customers can schedule content to run months or even hours before they want it to go live, giving the user the unprecedented ability to respond to real-time events in their market.

Ads or Personal Messages?

As far as Zeusvision is concerned personal messaging is just as important as commercial messaging. For instance we all know what a business wants to do with a Zeusvision bus: run an advertisement to promote their products or services (which is good). But why would a soccer mom be interested in an advertising platform? Chances are she wouldn’t be, however she would be interested in a personal messaging platform for a usage like:

  • Posting a congratulations picture of her daughter’s soccer team win
  • Announcing her son’s wedding
  • Wishing a happy birthday to a family member
  • Mother’s and Father’s day announcements
  • Celebrating a wedding anniversary
  • Posting a picture of special moment for Valentines Day
  • Welcoming home a soldier

If you have something to say and you want to get it out in a big way Zeusvision allows everyone access. 

Useful Technology

We believe that technology for the sake of technology is a waste of time and resources, so we have designed a technology package for Zeusvision that requires each feature to meet a simple test:
    1. Does it have a practical and useful function?
    2. Does it improve or enrich the quality of the users life or business?

With this in mind we have included features like geo-locating ads that use GPS services. Imagine being able to run you message only where and when you need it. Why pay to have your ad/message playing to an audience that you are not targeting?

For example: Robert has been dating Sally for six months. He has decided to ask for her hand in marriage but wants to do it in spectacular fashion. He goes to his computer, downloads a graphics template from the Zeusvision website and makes a graphic with her picture on it with text asking her to marry him. Next he uploads the proposal image and schedules the time he want’s his proposal to play. Because Zeusvision buses have a route with fixed times and geo-locating ads, Robert schedules his proposal to play on a specific street at 12:00 noon where his fiancĂ©-to-be will be joining him for lunch at an outdoor cafe. As Zeusvision approaches the cafe he receives a text alerting him that his Zeusvision bus is only 5 minutes away. Once Zeusvision is in sight he directs Sally’s attention to his proposal graphic. Once she realizes that she is looking at herself on a giant screen bus and she is also being proposed to simultaneously, surprise turns to excitement and hopefully a yes to his question (and happiness ensues). 

This is an example of messaging technology used to increase the quality of someone’s life.

Some of the technologies we are integrating into the Zeusvision Public buses are interactive like “eye tracking.” If someone on the street looks at a Zeusvision ad within 30ft of the bus we can recognize the person and composite them into an ad or message on the bus in real time. Fashion designers might want you to see what you would look like in their clothing. Our gesture tracking engine will allow people to interact with on-screen graphics and move objects on screen simply by using their hands and arms.

So far Zeusvision is only in CA but they are hoping to roll out in other cities in the next few years. 

Zeusvision Public 2015 Rollout Markets Q1 & Q2
Projected Start Date 
Total Market Quantity
Los Angeles
Las Vegas
San Francisco
Washington DC

*other markets to follow in 2015 Q3 and Q4

What do you guys think? Is this where advertising is going?

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