Nuisance neighbors: How To Deal With The Problems

The problem of nuisance neighbors is garnering an increasing amount of publicity. In August this year The Daily Mail published a story about an 81 year old who had received an ASBO as a result of his relentless campaign against his neighbor. There are more peaceful solutions to this problem, and here are a few ideas about the steps you can take in order to restore harmony and sanity to your life.
Take evidence

Your particular case might not end up in court, but even if you want to report your neighbor activities to the local authorities you should still make notes, take photographs, and record excessive noise. It might be necessary or convenient to have your statements witnessed by commissioners for oaths, such as Vanner PerezNotaries, and this would help add credence to your complaint.

Don't let nuisance neighbors dominate your life

If you are suffering as a result of your neighbors’ activities, it’s important to try not to let their anti-social activities dominate your life. Constant harassment can also cause health problems, get your doctor on side. In fact the more you talk constructively about the problem, the more you’ll realize that you are not alone. According to this article, as far back as 2011, 5 million people suffered from nuisance neighbors. Noisy music is one of the biggest problems, but some people have had to cope with dog mess and litter being thrown over their fences as well as the constant barrage of argument and shouting.  

Take control of the situation
Once you realize that your nuisance neighbor isn’t going away any time soon, try to avoid any confrontation. If they’re so unreasonable you probably won’t be able to engage them in civilized conversation anyway. Some people genuinely get a kick from irritating others; don’t give your neighbor that particular form of satisfaction. Just remember to take a note of every single incident.

How to complain

After a period of sustained aggravation, you should contact your local council and ask to speak to the environmental health department. Some authorities have set up pilot schemes to share information between the police and the council, which will prove useful should the case go to court. Alternatively, you could see if you can use the services of a mediation service. Loud music, barking dogs and excessive rubbish can be punished by your council. Record the excessive noise, to demonstrate that you’re not being unduly sensitive. If the council agrees with you it will issue a noise abatement notice and the nuisance perpetrator will be fined.

Court is the last resort

If all else fails then you will probably have to contact the police, this is the last stage before court. The police can issue an order under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. If all else fails, then you will most likely end up having to take your neighbor to court. Some home insurance policies will cover your costs in this type of action, so check your policy documents before approaching a solicitor. Nuisance neighbors can make your life a living hell, fortunately more and more people are refusing to accept this type of behavior, and the law is on your side.


  1. nothing worse than a bad neighbor

  2. Anonymous8:19 PM

    I am so glad to have neighbors that I trust. It would be horrible to live next to a neighbor you dont get along with.

  3. We had to take a former neighbor to court about her dog being out of its yard and chasing my daughter! Terrible situation that could have been easily avoided...having thoughtless neighbors can be tough!

  4. Looks like you have a spammer listed up above 幸敏薇5:46 AM (moron's)

  5. I found this article very interesting to read because we have the neighbors from hell living next door to us. We bought our home back in 1997, they moved in ten years later in 2007. Ever since it's been nothing but huge loud mufflerd vehicles, music that is always way too loud, the drunken husband that comes home after work opens up his truck door and you can hear glass bottles falling out and smashing to the ground. They have big parties at least twice a summer with way too many noisy guest's. And they also have this white fluffy type of dog that on six different occasions has chased and tried to bite family members in our own yard. Finally had to go to the police department about that to get it to stop, and for them to keep their dog on a leach. He is always tied up outside and barks constantly also. They through their garbage all over in their front yard, and it starts running down the hill in front of our house. Every fall instead of raking the leaves that fall, they rake them out to the road and they also end up built up behind where my husband parks his truck. We end up raking them all up every year now. They also have this huge old tree that is on their property that we have even told them we would go half on getting it removed. Is still standing today, and if and when it falls could very well land on our home. No response out of them at all on that subject. And just a few weeks ago they started ripping off their old shingles on their house on a Saturday morning at 6:30am. They are the most annoying and insensitive neighbors that I have ever had in all the years that I have lived in different places. I know there is a law here in Illinois that is called a nuisance law where you can sew your neighbor in small claims court for not being able to enjoy your own home. I may have to do this someday in the future. Thanks for the great wright up and sharing it with us too.


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