Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tips on How High School Students Can Prepare for the First Day of School #FIRSTDAYOFSCHOOL

-Education and Testing Standards Expert and CEO of Kweller Prep, Frances Kweller, Offers Advice to High School Students on How They Can Be Ready for the First Day of School

New York, NY, August 18, 2014- The summer is coming to a close and school is just a few short weeks away.  Students should not wait until the first day to be prepared to go back-to-school. Frances Kweller, education expert and CEO of Kweller Prep, a learning incubator specializing in test preparation, offers a few essential tips to help high school students navigate the very first day:

Limit Chaos. Don't wait until the first day of school to fix your class schedule or shop for school supplies. At least 7-10 days prior to the start of school, students should get familiar with their class schedule (usually found online) and fix any mistakes to avoid chaos on the first day.  Students should also purchase a list of supplies they’ll need for the first day which can almost always be found on their school website.  Book supplements for mandatory state exams like the New York State Regents should also be bought in advance. Don't wait for teachers to give instructions, come prepared and ready to go.

Make a Great First Impression. Everyone is expected to be a little weary on the first day of school, including teachers.  Stand out from the crowd and make a great first impression by not only having all your supplies at the ready but also dressing for success. Dressing up for school will make you feel good and ready to tackle the day. Teachers can feel negative energy in the room so be positive, sit up straight and put a smile on your face.  Be respectful.  Lay low but let the teacher know you're there and wiling to help out. Teachers will most often remember those who gave them a hard time in the very first day.

Establish Good Relationships. The first day is the day to seek out college counselors to let them know your long-term goals.  They can help establish a good plan to help you get there. If your dream is to be a doctor, let the science teacher know. Keep your eye on the ball.  Time is your most valuable commodity and you need to use your high school years well.  Besides, if you establish good relationships with counselors and faculty early on, getting those college recommendations will be a lot easier when you need them.

Just Say No to Social Media.  Consider deactivating from social media prior to the first day of school. School is not the time to catch up on personal relationships.  It is a serious time to start contemplating and planning for your future. If you have a difficult time deactivating altogether, consider minimizing your use of social media and delete apps that focus on gossip and negativity.  Colleges do look at Facebook and Twitter to help them decide if you are a worthy candidate for their school so if you deactivate, chances are you won’t have a problem getting into the school of your choice.

Don't Get Senioritis. This piece of advice is for high school seniors who think school is over on the first day. Don't check out mentally.  Work hard, stay focused and come to school prepared to work everyday. Have your college applications and essays ready to go before the first day that way you can focus on the school year ahead and the work at hand. Even if you’ve applied Early Decision and have been accepted to the college of your dreams, don't check out too early. High school counselors are required to submit mid-year reports to colleges. A significant drop in your senior year GPA could rescind a college admissions decision.

Frances Kweller is an education and testing standards expert and the Founder and CEO of Kweller Prep.  Frances started out as a tutor and has been around the business for more than 15 years finding her passion in helping others to achieve their educational goals. She opened Kweller Prep five years ago, after she graduated law school, and serviced more than 400 families in its first year. Kweller Prep now serves more than 1500 families a year, in three locations, providing everything from in-person private instruction to online tutoring for students based overseas as well as coordinated college visits.

Kweller Prep is a learning incubator specializing in advanced test preparation. Designed for the busy student, Kweller Prep Tutoring, Test Prep, and Educational Services offers unsurpassed specialized high school, college, and graduate school test preparation and counseling services, both on-site and at-home. The program is designed for ambitious students to help them reach their academic goals. Kweller Prep was created in the vision of Frances Kweller, an education and testing standards expert and attorney at law. 

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