Ensure The Safety Of Your Loved Ones With A React Sidekick

Last year I wrote about a safety app called React Mobile. Well, the folks behind that app had done you one better. 

Check out this Kickstarter Campaign for the wearable safety device that can be attached to your phone your keys, whatever you would might be holding in your hand.  No more unlocking your phone and searching through your apps to press the button that could save your life.

On my birthday, August 13th React Mobile is starting a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their new wearable safety device with the goal to raise enough money to bring the React Sidekick into production. The React Sidekick is a low energy Bluetooth device that pairs with their powerful safety app (React Mobile) eliminating the need to access your phone or unlock it to call for help in an emergency. Simply press the Sidekick button to send out a wide spread emergency alert. 

See their press page here: www.reactsidekick.com/press

This is a product I can stand 100% behind and hope it become a household name. 

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