Holderness Family of the YouTube sensation “#XMAS Jammies” Take Over the @FoxHomeEnt Twitter & Answer Your Questions #DigitalHDMovies

The Holderness Family gained YouTube fame after their #XMAS Jammies video received over 14 million views in December 2013.  Since then they have produced light-hearted songs about everything from Snow Days to the Perfect Father’s Day.  Their videos are often featured on GMA, FOX News, The Today Show, The Huffington Post, and Kim’s grandmother’s Facebook page.

The Holderni (that’s the plural they like to use instead of Holdernesses because that looks silly) are delighted to partner with Fox Home Entertainment on this project together with their company, Greenroom Communications, LLC.

Penn Holderness: Penn has a knack for on-the-spot-song-writing and until last year his talents have been saved mostly for weddings and late nights around the family piano. He left his job as a television news anchor to join Greenroom Communications - immediately putting these unique skills to use.

Kim Holderness: Kim is the all-time backup dancer to Penn’s lyrical antics. For the record, it was her idea to make a family Christmas video. Kim spent a dozen years as a television news reporter, including her time as a correspondent for the syndicated news magazine Inside Edition.

Lola Holderness: Lola is 7 years old and loves to help her parents create their family videos. She is eagerly learning how to run a camera and edit. When she’s not making videos with her family — she’s loves to draw, write stories, and play with her friends.  She’s also got a couple junior triathlons under her belt!

Penn Charles Holderness: Penn Charles is 4 (and a half, it’s very important to him that you know about the half). Much like his father, he came out the womb waiting for applause. He’s a natural performer and loves “playing video” with his family.

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