Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Back to School Shopping the Smart Way

 Ways to keep the Kids and Your Wallet Happy

As summer winds down, preparing children to go back to school becomes priority. From the essential classroom supplies to new wardrobes, back to school shopping can come with a hefty price tag. “Families with more than one child, can undoubtedly understand the small fortune it costs to prepare for the school year,” said Michelle of  “When hand-me-downs are not an option, and wallets have run thin, there is another way to get this years must haves while making a profit on last years items.” is the largest online consignment store for kids’ and children, and has a variety of back to school essentials. Users have the ability to easily sell, buy or swap their children's outgrown or unused items from previous school years.

Michelle shares’s back to school essentials to prepare your youngsters for a great year. 

In with the New, Out with the Old.
Children tend to grow a size every season. That means four seasons = four completely new wardrobes for all of your kids.  Instead of storing away last seasons attire in hopes that one day it will come into use, why not sell the items? Chances are, if your child needed the items, many other families will too, even in cases of school uniforms. Many of the “required” school garments are available for resale, and can be found for a portion of the price.

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Essential Gear
Back to school shopping is a nationwide phenomenon. Because of this, many stores sell out of the essentials quickly, leaving a small variety of unwanted items behind. Last year’s backpack and lunchbox just won’t do, an upgrade in inevitable due to the tatter its experienced from a year of use. Many would prefer to hand these items down to the younger child, yet, if one gets a new backpack that usually means new backpacks for everyone. Chances are, not all your toddlers will appreciate big sister’s old Barbie backpack.

Instead of going from store to store to find the “right” backpack for your selective youngster, why not use a consignment shop? Resale shopping offers a variety of options of gently used items. Spending time and money on these products can be much easier and less expensive. 

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Jump Start Their Education
Get your kiddies ready for school with an early start on their education. offers a range of products; from flashcards to booksets for early readers, beginning readers, interactive books, learning workbooks to junior novels and more.  Preparing your children ahead of time will make for an easy transition into the next school year. Learning doesn’t have to be a drudge.

Check out’s wide variety of EducationalProducts to make back-to-school time a fun time.

Make Money from the Last School Year
While you are preparing for the new school year, don’t forget that last year’s goods can turn into money in your pocket. The gym shoes that your daughter grew out of or the uniforms from your son’s previous school year don’t have to be forever imprisoned in the attic.

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